Stretching Those Hip Flexors

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Stretching Those Hip Flexors

The lunge stretch is a favorite by many athletes and is by far the most useful of stretches for these four muscles. Start out by merely placing your body in a standard lunge position, and gradually press down and slowly back toward and through to your heels as you drop your knee to the floor. The most useful and helpful move in this stretch is to push downward into the hips while stretching. By doing so you open up the flexors a bit more, thus you achieve a deeper and more effective stretch. Breathe normally while you stretch and try not to hold your breath. You need to concentrate on holding the lunge stretch for 30 seconds and carry out the same stretch on the other leg. At this point, you can make the stretch a even more effective and deeper by bringing the hands and placing them one over the other, palms down, on top of the quadriceps. Once more, gradually lean very slowly into your hip flexors. Feel your hamstring stretch a bit, too. You can still stretch a bit further as your muscles become extra limber. You can also use a wall for this variation that helps stabilize the body. Start with your right foot and raise it and gradually pull the heel into the glut. This variation opens the hip flexors still more. The one of the main points to keep in mind when you perform the lunge stretch is to push forward in the hips and gradually develop this position gain an even more effective and deeper stretch that opens up all four muscles.


Last Hip Flexors Stretch

Some athletes love to use this stretch as the last hip flexors stretch. This stretch is very relaxing and loosens up the four muscles nicely. Plus, you get to do this one while lying on your back, make sure you use a mat or nicely padded carpet. Pull your right leg up slowly and bring the heel of the foot to your hip. Now, reach over and grasp a hold of the shin or just inside the area, behind your knee and slowly pull the leg to the upper body. Breathe easily and normally and try to prevent yourself from holding your breath. Maintain the stretch for 30 seconds and carry out this stretch on your other leg. You can try flexing your leg to deepen your stretch.

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