Steroids On Sport Center……

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Steroids On Sport Center……

So the other day I sat in our break area, and there it was. Sports Center is talking about steroids in sports, and then they find 3-4 people that have been caught for use , and abuse the situation to put down steroids, and agree that steroids are why they are better then everyone. This slightly irritated me, but it wasn’t until I heard a certain Penn. St faculty member did I get enraged.

I refuse to give him any publicity, so I won’t even write his name. His exact words I believe were ” If you have two guys with the same hand – eye coordination, and one does steroids he will become a better player. Now there is a few ways to look at this idea.

The first is how exactly are you going to prove such an idea, I would love to know how he will be able to gauge two guys with precise hand – eye coordination. Good Luck with that study! Secondly, you are forgetting a major part of what makes champions (no not steroids) HEART, you can have all the skill in the world, and no heart equals nothing special.

Next his explanation does not alleviate the whole situation. I can juice non-stop for the next 3 years and I won’t be the starting pitcher in any MLB game. It only seems to help athletes with already God given talent, so how can we say it is the reason they were capable of accomplishing what they have achieved. They make it seem that they used steroids and didn’t even have to show up for the games , the steroids swung the bat.

Finally it negates the fact that the steroids only allow you to work a little bit harder and for an extended amount of time. You still have to go out and put in the work, and a lot of hard work is what is involved. Working out until you see stars isn’t easy, it takes dedication not seen in the average man. So I say to this certain Penn. St super genius, I would love to interview you, so your vague answers can be addressed, and I would also like him to do steroids and start training for his MLB debut, since it is sooo easy.

No disrespect was meant by this, but when do we get someone with a good reputation come out and stand up to the bullshit. We need our say.

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