Status Quo

We, the ones who use steroids, have a responsibility to act right so that we have a chance to clean up our reputation.  And I know what some of the tough guys will say, why do I care what non users think?  Well because a swayed popular opinion could do worlds of good for the cause.  So when I post that we need to stop clueless morons from hurting themselves, and some other member responds “so what”.  In my opinion responses like this are the epitome of what is wrong with our community.

If people know you are juicing ( whether it is my your size or even you told them ) and you act like a douchebag, all you are doing is giving the rest of the world more ammo.  Why do this when it gains us nothing?  Because you can isn’t a good or intelligent reason.  We may be the only example those people will ever see, and if we can leave them with a new thought that we are good people, we might find that stigma slowly leaving us.

Just a thought, so if you want to contact me please feel free to at [email protected] .

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