Speak Up!!!!!

Well I have discussed this with many other members of the steroid community, the reason the ugly stereotypes that follow steroids are allowed to breed and grow stronger is simple.

The members of our community are scared to speak up, why do all the forums have screen names, yes partly to protect yourself against Law Enforcement, but also because most are scared that the community around them will find out. Plain and simply this can be stopped if we speak up. You see a pamphlet that has incorrect info , let us know and e-mail on it.  A TV program does the same , I bet mass e-mails explaining it is medically incorrect and that we refuse to stand for it, would make them think twice about publishing such.

I am not saying to risk your livelihood doing so, but you are not risking anything by standing up for the truth and writing a simple e-mail.

We have a chance to finally slow the progress of the B.S. that rids the minds of the uneducated.

I say this only to remind us of what we already know.

Very few know the truth , and it is our duty to pass it on, not as a platform to all use steroids but to show that benefits of steroids if used right.

Please think about it.

Thank you for reading , please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions you may have at [email protected].

Dr. Steroids

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