So You Want To Be A Bodybuilder Part One

From time to time I get questions on what they need to do to become a bodybuilder, and the answer vary based on where they are in their lifting career and their current physique.  Genetics also play a huge role whether you have a chance in hell of achieving such.  So knowing that most pro’s have spent their entire lifting career working toward this goal, so my first answer is you need TIME.  It takes a lot of time and hard work so if your one of these ill advised morons who go on MADE on MTV, don’t waste yours or my time.

Though it may not seem so, these goals take a huge amount of dedication also, you have to live, eat, sleep bodybuilding.  Which leads me to the first deterrent, the diet, it is no longer a thing you do once in a while to lose some weight.  Diet now becomes what you eat for the rest of your life or until you retire.

During bulking your calories are raised but you still have to eat clean, good carbs and fats.  This is the single most important aspect of fitness for any level lifter.  I have tried to eat what I want and then do cardio until I drop but it yields little to nothing in comparison to a good clean diet.  So now we are weighing and tracking all food we take in daily ( which is a pain but necessary), what do I want to take on next?  The next piece in the puzzle is workout regime and the intensity behind it.

I have seen thousands of different workout theories that give good results for many, but now you must find the one that works best for you, good enough isn’t good enough anymore, some have this to a science but others blindly search.  For the blind searchers find someone with the knowledge of whats best for your body type.  This blog is running long and will be continued tomorrow.

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