Roger Clemens Grand Jury Convenes, Kirk Radomski, Brian McNamee Testify

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Roger Clemens Grand Jury Convenes, Kirk Radomski, Brian McNamee Testify

A Washington D.C. Grand Jury will decide if there is enough evidence to indict Roger Clemens for lying to Congress during the highly publicized hearing in February 2008 that also featured his former trainer, Brian McNamee. Evidence will be presented by assistant U.S. attorney Daniel P. Butler.

It is not known exactly who has been or will be subpoenaed but the list could include McNamee, Kirk Radomski, Andy Pettitte and Chuck Knobloch along with those who worked on the Mitchell Report. McNamee and Radomski have testified so far.

McNmaee’s attorney, Richard Emery wouldn’t comment on specifics of the hearing but seemed pleased with what transpired.

“I can’t tell you anything of what was said, but [the prosecutors] were extremely impressive, well-prepared and professional. I have extreme confidence in their approach.”

Radomski was the main source of information in the Mitchell Report and figures to feature prominently in any trial. In July 2008, Radomski provided government investigators with a receipt of a shipment of human growth hormone (HGH) sent to Clemens’ home in 2005.

“I can’t comment on an ongoing investigation. I don’t want to do anything to cross them up.”

It’s unclear as to whether Clemens himself will testify.

It is not known whether Clemens himself will be invited to appear before the grand jury, though a former Washington federal prosecutor said the government could afford Clemens a chance to explain the contradictions and possibly avoid indictment. Should the grand jury eventually return an indictment, his appearance could also provide the prosecution a start in fleshing out Clemens’ possible defense, the former prosecutor said.

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