Reliable Has Replaced Quality As Top Priority In A Steroid Source

I have come across a few pieces of information over the last year that has opened my eyes to a new movement.

As long as the Steroid Source ships on time and has  a high percentage of receiving, it becomes a cherished site and is held with such respect.

Now I understand this fully because I know how hard it is to find a reliable source that lasts longer then a couple of years.

But because this happens to be an issue, it allows certain sources to get away with sub par dosing, and some sources don’t even know this , because the problem is actually the raw powder sources.

I have found through several sources that finding a reputable raw powder source is  very hard and even the good ones have been known to cut corners on certain shipments.

This is a concern of mine because I know how costly it is to constantly test the quality, and to keep an eye on everyone while trying to stay off Law Enforcements radar.

It seems that most of the raw powders are exported out of China, as well as most peptides.

I know this is a big surprise since everything is exported from China.

You know this is an issue that could be resolved by simply legalizing steroids here in the states.

This would  monitor the quality of the powder coming into the country, as well as create new jobs, and shut down all that do not standard up to our quality standards.

This is not going to happen as long as we don’t have a Interest Group to kick the money up to the Powers That Be. Think I am crazy?  Look at the cigarette and alcohol industry.

People die all the time from both, but there are no movements, or Bills to make them a class II controlled substance.

So, where does this leave us. Well from my point of view , the reliable sources that don’t quite dose up exactly isn’t a huge issue, its just a locatable point on the map in terms of the condition of the Steroid Community.

We are way below the Mendosa Line ( its when your batting average is below .200 I believe).  This just shows us how badly we need to vastly improve our situation.

Weed out the scammers and scumbags, and the majority of those that are left are reliable.

Then we can stand up and say being reliable isn’t enough.

But the community has sunk to such depths , being reliable is enough.

I have personal knowledge that one of the best sources I know of , gets it raw powder from a source that is mediocre at best.

So this makes the source and the products they sell, mediocre at best.

This is a battle for another day, but I brought it up because it needs to be said.

The conditions we allow are despicable, and should be seen as such.

My friends, please stand up a say ” just good enough, ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH”. Turning our head and ignoring it won’t fix it.

Well I was asked to put together a list of companies I use myself and can vouch f0r the quality, and I will do so soon.

Now I will revisit these sources to make sure that they stay that way.  I will also listen to all complaints and endorsements of such.

It is time that we put the consumer on the top of this Hierarchy, instead of the companies.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at [email protected] . Remember if you want to make a difference, always help someone in need of it, in any way you can. Being a good person means doing good things when no one is looking.

Dr. Steroids

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