Racquetball Injuries

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Racquetball Injuries

Racquetball injuries are common. If you play the sport enough times, you are bound to get hurt. The injuries happen many times due to the velocity of the ball and the quick movements required with the intention of winning the game.   

The little ball travels in the confines of a relatively small court.  Your body gets in the way – wham! You have a bruise that lasts up to a month. Ouch!

I use arnica ointment, which speeds the healing process. Arnica is an herb that naturally and homeopathically heals bruises and pains associated with skin and muscle.

Wear Eye Gear

Ninety-five percent of racquetball injuries are from being hit in the eye by the ball. Bleeding within the interior chamber of the eye is the most common injury.

Additional injuries consist of lacerations, front eye abrasions, eye lid bleeding and swollen eye.

But, never fear you can easily prevent eye injuries by wearing proper eye gear as recommended by the American Standard of Testing and Materials and the Canadian Standards Association. 

Prevention is Best

One sure way of preventing racquetball injuries is to swing the racquet the right way. Swinging the racquet with proper form originates from the side of the body not the shoulders.

However, I have seen new players often make the mistake of swinging from their shoulders. Over a period of time it causes shoulder injury. 

Nearly all shoulder injury derives from a fall or a slam into a wall – ouch! Under these conditions, shoulder separations or shoulder sprains occur more often than straining the shoulders by improper form in the swing. 

Tennis Elbow 

Racquetball players get tennis elbow just like tennis players. All due respect, tennis elbow is a misnomer.

You can get the injury in other sports not just tennis or racquetball.  Statistics show that only five percent of registered cases of tennis elbow come from tennis players. 

The inception of pain occurs around the outside of the elbow and slowly the tenderness becomes noticeable on or below the bony bump. The area becomes red and inflamed.

Arm movements like gripping the racquet exacerbate the injury. To ascertain what’s causing the injury in the first place is to check for improper technique and incorrect gripping of the racquet.

Proper Form

The form needs to be corrected before the injury. Proper form applies in all cases.  Or, I have seen players using the wrong racquet string tension.

Even using the wrong size or type of racquet  can cause discomfort. Being fitted correctly is just as important.

As a side note, racquetball is a tougher sport than tennis. But don’t tell tennis players that. It might cause a brawl in the locker room.   

When I say racquetball injuries are common, I am referring mainly to the the tiny little ball in the court hinting your body.

The other injuries happen due to playing the game over a long period of time. Personally, I have found stretching regularly before my games helps tremendously.  I suggest the same for you.

The B/W photos are from Gearbox.

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