Proper Way to Do Deadlifts

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Proper Way to Do Deadlifts

Some bodybuilders think that deadlifting is a walk in the park, but it’s not. Deadlifting is not just about bending down, grabbing a bar and standing up. In fact, some approaches might do more harm than help. For the most efficient results, deadlifting must be done in such a way so as to make the spinal erectors, lats, traps, quads and glutes work together in sync. Bodybuilders also need to lift their lower and upper bodies simultaneously. All these require proper concentration and application. So if you are looking to develop back thickness, then follow the advices below on how to pull of a proper deadlift.

Deadlifts – Dos

  • Use strong weightlifting belt.
  • Position yourself near the barbell with the feet being roughly 10 inches apart.
  • Use one hand to get an overhand grip and the other for an underhand grip; training straps is optional. Overhand grip with straps work well. The hands separation should be a little more than legs separation.
  • Bend the knees, lower the buttocks. Always look front and keep the back straight. Pull the weight slowly and constantly and let it brush against your thighs as it goes up.
  • Pull the bar with you as you stand. Remember that the back and legs have to work in sync throughout.
  • You can either stand straight or lean back a bit after the lift is done; the shoulders should turn into their natural comfortable position. The scapulas should be tensed.
  • The bar should be returned to the floor steadily, but don’t overexert yourself trying to achieve this.
  • Expect to be stronger and look stronger, because deadlifts thickens the back completely – from the glutes to the neck.

Deadlifts – Don’ts

  • Don’t use a powerlifting suit or shirt. If you do, you will be focusing more on momentum than muscle. Most bodybuilders use slim-soled shoes, talcum powder and ammonia capsules, but these are unnecessary.
  • Don’t use the sumo technique where bodybuilders need to place the feet far apart with the toes pointed out. This technique focuses on legs, hips and glutes but not on the back.
  • Don’t change techniques during warmup and workout. Try to use perfect techniques all the time.
  • Don’t round the back. You should keep the back straight and flat with the shoulders tensed throughout.
  • Don’t lock out your legs prematurely. This forces the torso to be straightened only with the back strength – this is a risky position with danger of straining the back. Straighten the legs only when the torso is at right angle to the floor.
  • Don’t bend too far back when the you reach the top, because this will strain your muscles.
  • Don’t perform deadlifts more than once each week. This will inhibit recovery of muscle.

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