Plyometrics Builds Power for Racquetball

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Plyometrics Builds Power for Racquetball

I try to improve my racquetball game through conditioning exercises like plyometrics.  Plyometrics is nothing new to the athletic world.  It is an exercise program that personal trainers and coaches use to help increase their athletes’ power and performance.

Increase Strength

The plyometrics that I do help increase my strength and power on the court.  I move faster, jump higher and even hit the ball harder.

It may not make my opponents happier, but it helps me stay in the game and be a tougher player. As a result, I win more games with a faster recovery time.

Personal Trainer

In order to perform plyometrics your body must possess full range of motion. If your body can’t, then hold off and get with a personal trainer.

Work out with the personal trainer on how you can get your body in shape for plyometrics.

Most likely, the personal trainer will evaluate your training history. He will discuss what exercises you do regularly and without fail.

He will also note if you lift weights or play competitive sports like racquetball.   

After you have completed the evaluation, the trainer will help you determine how and when you can start plyometrics.

Together you and the trainer should be able to organize a strengthening program to apply for a few months before beginning plyometrics.

Ready for Plyometrics

Once your body is ready, you can start on a simple plyometrics exercise. Here is a real simple one that I have done on my own with great success.

Put your body in a jumping position, so you are standing like you plan to jump.  Your knees are slightly bent with your feet shoulder length apart.

Literally, you jump up and down for 15 seconds. Raise you hands up above your head on each jump. These jumps need to be short and fast.

But you need to stay in one place the whole time. You also need to breathe naturally.

Your posture during the jumping needs to be perfect with abs tight. Make sure you turn your toes up and bring your arms down when you land. 

That way your glutes get most of the work. That’s where you get your power. Always keep those arms moving up when you jump up and moving down when you land.

Gauge Progress

I like to count how many contacts to the floor I make in each 15 second interval. That way I can gauge my progress.

If I do more jumps in 15 seconds than the last time I did them, I know I am improving in strength and power. Each time you do your plyometrics routine make sure you perform at least six sets of 15 second jumps.

 I rest for about 30 seconds between each interval. I did these jumps three times a week for about 9 weeks with my regular workout. I noticed a huge improvement in my racquetball game.

More Available

More plyometrics are available for you to perform. Each one has a level of difficulty while at the same time increasing your strength and power. 

With these exercises your racquetball game is sure to improve. I look forward to introducing  more of these exercises to you in the following weeks. 

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