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Its time to start warming up our voices so we can sing “Take me out to the ball game” during the 7th inning stretch.  On Sunday, April 4th the Major League Baseball season will get underway when the New York Yankees visit the Boston Red Sox’s.

The following day we are slated for tons of great action throughout the league.

One of the truly great pastime experiences in America is opening day at the ball park.  Peanuts, crackerjacks, hotdogs, and even a fermented beverage if you’re of age only increases the delightfulness of the experience.

What are some of the opening day match-ups we can look forward to?  What two teams are mostly downhill after the first pitch?

Put it on the Marquee

After your done stuffing yourself with your favorite Easter foods tune in to see the marquee match-up in baseball, Yanks vs. Soxs.

The pitching match-up in this game is comparable to a movie with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.  The Yanks are starting C.C. Sabathia and the Soxs are sending Josh Beckett to the hill.

I can’t think of a better way to kick off the season than a game with two teams and two cities that can’t stand each others existence.

The people who put together the schedule should pat themselves on the back for this one.  Good job boys, you earned an extra martial affair.  It seems to be the hot thing to do after enjoying some success.

Closest you’ll be to First

It doesn’t get any better than opening day for the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Kansas City Royals.

The Pirates open up at home against last years NL West champs, the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Most of the fans at this game won’t be coming back until the team starts to give away towels, mini bats, and bobble heads.

Pirates front office, may I suggest throwing in a free game for anyone who can name three players from your roster.  You may still have to kidnap people to fill up the stadium.

The Royals are at home against their division foe, the Detroit Tigers.  The pitchers slated for this game are top notch, Justin Verlander for the Tigers and Zach Greinke for the Royals.

If you’re going to watch these two teams at their respected stadiums now is the best time.  In the middle of summer neither of these teams is putting out a product worth a sunburn or possible heat stroke.

One More for the Road

In Atlanta the Braves manager Bobby Cox has already announced that this will be his last season as the team’s skipper.

The Braves are home against the Chicago Cubs.  Cox’s and Cubs manager Lou Piniella are two of the most spastic managers of all-time and I wouldn’t be surprised to see one get tossed.

We should be in for a good pitching duel, the Braves hurler will be Derek Lowe and Cubs send extremely passionate Carlos Zambrano to the bump.

This game will mark the final disappointing journey for the future Hall of Fame manager Bobby Cox.

Pay to see the Youngsters

For the fans in Houston and Oakland pony for a ticket to enjoy the show.  The bad news for you guys is that the performance will be put on by visiting pitchers.  As if people from Oakland needed anymore bad news, they have JaMarcus Russell quarterbacking the Raiders.

The Houston Astros are facing Tim “Freak” Lincecum and the Oakland Athletics are going up against Felix Hernandez.

Both of these young guns are worth the price of admission.  They are both going to strike out a lot of hitters and go deep into the game keeping you thoroughly entertained.

If you don’t make it out to see a game on opening day don’t beat yourself up, that’s the great thing about baseball, and you’re going to have 80 more chances.

If your team ends up losing on opening day with your ace on the mound don’t jump ship.  The last three World Series winners have all lost on opening day, and done so to teams who have failed to make the playoffs.

“Lets Play Ball!”

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