Okay , Now What……

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Okay , Now What……

I have been lifting for 17 years , cycled on and off for about 11 years, I have hit 250+ lbs with under 11 % body fat. The issue with that is regardless of how lean I get , my face looks fat.  So a few years back I decided that getting around 210 lbs and under 10 % bf was my goal.

I adjusted how I lifted , what compounds I used, and many other things.

I  realized I am just naturally able to get huge, and decently powerful, but my body ( wear and tear ) would prefer a smaller me . Now I am fighting my genetics with everything I have, and after a few years I am now realizing how hard that really is. To some it is nearly impossible.

So how do I take on my own genetics and what  can I take to aid in the battle? This is a question I and many others have asked , so that is not new. Coming up with an efficient plan of attack would be note worthy.

Well the only way we can take on genetics is by using chemicals that can stand up to the inner workings of our own make up. The compounds I speak of  are anabolic steroids and HGH.  HGH is a great compound, it aids in actual muscle cell growth, and also brings your body to point where potential was limitless.

This compound can be used to attack a mid section you can’t quite get rid of all of the fat, or for body parts you can’t quite get anymore growth out of. Believe me this is not an over night thing, I suggest at least a year of use. Most don’t see any difference for the first 3 months, but once it starts , the progression will be noticed.

So here is the plan of attack, write out you goal, whether it is gain, lose , bulk, get ripped up, all are possible with HGH combo.

 You do between a 1-2 year HGH cycle , followed by some well placed stacks, and the most important part the diet in place for the entire time.

This is a cocktail that can achieve anything.

Now the planning can be difficult but feel free to ask for help, many Vets and someone like myself would be more than glad to help.

Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions at [email protected]

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