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Nick Winters Rip Brother

The Power Lifting community was dealt a huge loss , and I means this because he was a massive and powerful man , and  because if you ask anyone that knew him , he had a huge heart also.

 He always had a smile on his face , and would give you the shirt off his back , were just two of the more common comments made on Forums over the last two days.

Yes there are a number of powerful people out there in the world of Power Lifting World , but few showed the character or the heart that this man displayed.

At the end of the day LOSS doesn’t begin to describe the feeling that is left in the hearts of all that new him.

Anyone who has ever been part of a forum , has seen his YouTube video benching 700 lbs at The Arnold.

He was powerful and explosive , but never unsportsmen-like . His huge  dead lifts , were just a small part of who he was. I am not one of those people who will claim to be his best friend , though I only spoke to him a dozen times.

Nope, I spoke to him a few times and instantly felt like I knew him well.

The fact that it brought as much sadness to me , shows how much others feel that really knew him.

At 29, he was only starting to get going, but we must take from this how important it is that we stay on top of our health and actively see our doctor.

Check-ups , Physicals , and Blood work throughout our cycles are all very important.

On the back side of that is when we have any type of ailment we cannot identify , we must see a doctor asap.

 Sometimes we even need to come out and tell our doctor that we are actively using AAS. Yes , this may hurt your life and health insurance , but in a major situation, your life is more important.

All I want to say is when you read this , please take a second to say a prayer for the Big Guy and His Family.

He will be missed but not forgotten.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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