NFL Players Need to Learn…

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NFL Players Need to Learn…

So, I log into my e-mail the other day and you know how they always have the news headlines somewhere right there so you’ll click it and go back to their site (genius really) and I see this article about how DeAngelo Hall never trusted Thomas Dimitroff when he was in Atlanta.  This doesn’t really say a whole lot about Tom Dimitroff since he is CLEARLY one of the best executives in the league.  D Hall was spouting off about how TD was telling him he would get a contract done and then he was shopping him around the league behind his back.  Ok, I don’t think we have an reason to believe DeAngelo for two reasons:  1)  He’s a career criminal.  Do you realize that he got a signing bonus from Atlanta and was such a jackass that they had to get rid of him, then he went to Oakland and got another huge signing bonus, then they had to get rid of him because he’s an ever-loving maniac, then he went to Washington and he got ANOTHER signing bonus.  This dude has made something like $50 Million over the past few years and he has literally produced nothing.  I’m not sure what’s worse the fact that someone thought anything this idiot says is news, or the fact that he’s made this much money to do nothing.  (I think you could also argue Mike Vick falls into this category, but he wasn’t a yapper he was just a straight up dummy.)  I suppose I could go on and on about how he’s been coddled his whole life and blah, blah, blah but I don’t care…GROW UP!

Then there’s the curious case of Larry Johnson.  This moron called his coach a gay slur, then Tweeted it, then said something else to the media and he pissed off everyone in Kansas City so roundly that they have started a petition to get him deactivated for the rest of the season so he can’t break Priest Holmes’ franchise rushing record.  I can understand the motivation behind he fans taking up arms against a maniac like this.  If this were the 49ers I would have signed the petition 4000 times by now.  Once again, we can say he was coddled as a kid and blah, blah, blah…GROW UP!

There’s always Randy Moss.  This fool took plays off all the time and openly admitted it, he’s left the field before the end of a game, and he once tried to run someone over with his car.  This brings me to another point…

Don’t we think the whole “The Patriots get all the calls thing” is getting a little old.  I’ve seen people fall down at the feet of Tom Brady then he turns around and points at the official as if to say “you’re gonna call that right?” and then the flag comes out.  If I’m Tom Brady I don’t have the call to essentially cheat right in front of God and everybody.  If you knew the answers to a test before you took it would you tell your teacher while you’re cheating on their test?  NO!  I guess Tom thinks it’s ok.  What galls me more is that the NFL doesn’t seem to care.  They destroyed the evidence in “Spygate” and only charged the a pick they didn’t need.  I’ve heard multiple NFL players say on the radio that having the film of a walk-through before the Super Bowl is a definite advantage.  At some point this is going to come back to bite Tom Brady.  Maybe the truth will come out right before they’re supposed to vote on him for the Hall of Fame…a new tape will come out and everyone will see what really happened. How many careers would that call into question?  Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, the entire offensive line from the Super Bowl runs, Lawyer Milloy, Richard Seymour, Rodney Harrison…that’s probably never going to happen, but I guess that’s ok because we have my second point:

The ultimate “good triumphing over evil” moment in sports is when the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl and ruined that undefeated season.  Nothing could have been sweeter for most people in America than to watch the Patriots get pwned by Eli Manning and David Tyree.  Be honest, did anyone who is NOT a Patriots fan want to see them win?  Anybody?  Bueller……Bueller……Bueller……

You know the sick part about that?

When the Patriots beat the Rams in he 9/11 Super Bowl I was so happy that the Patriots (it was so appropriate at the time) beat the evil Rams.  Those bitches had us so snowed back then.  Yuck!  I think I have cooties from being happy for the Patriots back then.  (No, seriously.)  Yes, I said cooties and I think you might have them too if you pulled for the Patriots back then and you’re not a fan of them, just someone who wanted to see the Patriots win the Super Bowl after 9/11.  It just pisses me off…royally…

So, here’s the big question.  If the Patriots get calls that aren’t real, they had film of a walkthrough before a Super Bowl, Tom Cable allegedly broke one of his Assistant’s jaws, Pacman has never been convicted of anything, Leonard Little killed someone in a DUI crash, and Broncos’ OLine illegally chop-blocked for like 15 years then where is the consistency in the NFL?  If Pacman has never been convicted of anything then DeAngelo Hall and Larry Johnson deserve the same punishment he got…because they’re acting stupid and in my estimation that’s what Pacman was doing.  Hmmm…..makes you wonder.

{I need to interrupt this regularly scheduled programming for a brief note about the World Series.  I was right about the Phillies not having the heart to come back on the Yankees.  They looked so deflated near the end of that game it was pitiful.  One more thing:  Good for Hideki Matsui!  He came here as the second-coming of Japanese baseball that could hit for power until he was 80 (because Asian folks don’t age so we never would have known how old he was) and he languished in NY, doing next to nothing and now he’s the MVP of the World Series.  The pictures of him were really touching [and this means alot coming from me because I hate the Yankees] but I was really happy for him. So, congratulations are in order to the Yankees and especially Hideki Matsui.


Check my NFL picks after the Jump…

I’m 76-37 so far. Yes, last week I was barely above .500 and I do not intend to repeat such a crappy week (until the league screws it up for me.) Here we go:

Washington @ Atlanta: Now, I’m not saying it’s a good idea to hold a grudge, but let’s just say that some players from the Falcons were, shall we say, a little upset with Mr. D. Hall and let’s just say some of those guys were on offense, and let’s just say D. was walking (because he’s a lazy ass) to try to make a play, he might just get his head taken off.  That’s all I’m saying.  (Bounties are real in the NFL and if you think there isn’t one on Hall you’ve lost your mind.)  Washington still has a crackerjack offense and Atlanta has got to be pissed about sucking the last two weeks.  The Falcons aren’t as good as the Saints, but they are still pretty good.

ATL – 30   WAS – 6

Arizona @ Chicago: I know the Bears and Cards seem relatively evenly matched on paper, but there’s just one thing that is always going to keep me hesitant about the Bears…Jay Cutler.  He’s a crybaby, he’s inconsistent, and this team isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  I don’t buy it. I only slightly buy Arizona because they have Warner, Bolden and Fitzgerald.

ARI – 24   CHI – 14

Baltimore @ Cincinnati: In years past this game would have been a one sentence pick because it just wouldn’t have been worth my energy to pick a game that the Bengals were playing.  Now, the Bengals are better than the Ravens and the Ravens are on a major slide.  I don’t think, as I said in my power rankings, that Joe Flacco is in a Sophomore Slump, I just think the Ravens are overmatched at the moment.  The power in the AFC Central is shifting back towards the Midwest and Baltimore can’t really help it.  I’m not even sure that Ray Lewis getting to Carson Palmer a couple times is enough to slow down this Cincy team. Sorry Ravens fans…

CIN – 28   BAL – 10

Houston @ Indy: Ok, you’ve got the undefeated team with the Hall of Fame Quarterback and more receiving options than FedEx.  You’ve also got their division rival who has decided to be good right now (but it might not last.)  I don’t trust the Texans at all…not because I don’t think they’re playing well (because they are), but because they have never been able to sustain any kind of success.  At one point the only thing they could hang their hat on was the fact that they had the best opening day record in NFL history (oh, and how David Carr got sacked like 274 times his rookie year.)  Now, they have a hot QB, a premiere receiver, solid running backs, and a good defense…but I still don’t trust them.  They’ll keep it close…but they’re still the Texans.

IND – 37   HOU – 30

Kansas City @ Jacksonville: I read this one just now and said to myself “Do I HAVE to pick this one?”  Our only hope here is if Larry Johnson storms onto the field and pees out the message “I heart Todd Haley” and then lights it on fire.  Otherwise this is a snoozer.  {Although, it would be REALLY funny if Larry Johnson did play and the KC fans down in Florida booed him after he broke the franchise rushing record.  A guy can dream right?}  PS – Matt Cassel still sucks.

JAC – 10   KC – 0

Miami @ New England: Let us begin with a Haiku:

Oh, Joey Porter

Eyes on Tom Brady’s kneecaps

No fake flags this time

I heard the Joey Porter was going off this week about how he didn’t think the whole “cheating” thing in New England went down too well.  That’s an understatement.  If Porter backs up his talk with play Tom Brady will be in too much pain to ask the ref for a flag.  They stunned the Jets and they can stun the Patriots too.

MIA – 21   NE – 20

Green Bay @ Tampa: Tampa has a 75% chance of going 0-16…period the end.  (I still like Aaron Rodgers too.)

GB- 31   TB – 0

Carolina @ New Orleans: I had a conversation with a teenager the other day about how he thinks that Saints fans totally take over when the Saints are on a roll and he hates their attitude.  I’d like to respond to this here again because I this is an important point to make.

New Orleans has a bunch of bars and restaurants and not much else, the city was almost washed out to sea, so many people died in the Superdome after Katrina that they considered demolishing the stadium, the city lost like half its population, the Saints almost moved to San Antonio because of the number of bars and restaurants everyone drinks constantly, and the Hornets are meaningless (they could fold that team, move it, sell it, burn it, frame it, they don’t care.)  The only other thing to care about is LSU football (because LSU basketball is relatively meaningless) so New Orleans sports fans have to lean on the Saints.  They find their self-worth in the Saints.  The Saints give up a touchdown and half the city wants to hang itself.  So, give the citizens of New Orleans their one team…the deserve at least that.

NO – 55   CAR – 3

Detroit @ Seattle: I don’t pick the Lions to win…sorry.  I know Seattle’s in the leftover crap division from my power ranking but Gunther Cunningham isn’t on their staff.

SEA – 17   DET – 3

San Diego @ Giants: The Giants are slumping and the Chargers might be showing some kind of promise, but they’re still pretenders.  Is it time for the Giants to rebound?  Or is it time for Norv Turner to exhibit his coaching prowess and ruin his team’s momentum before it gets too good?  End of the day, I trust Tom Coughlin before I trust Norv Turner.

NYG – 27   SD – 17

Tennessee @ San Francisco: The Titans MIGHT be able to salvage something from this season, and the 49ers need to get it together immediately.  Here’s the thing, I discovered that Jeff Fisher only has 6 winning seasons in 16 seasons as head coach of the Oilers/Titans franchise.  Needless to say, I was disturbed and disappointed by this number.  Based on the numbers who should I trust? Iron Mike Singletary or Jeff Fisher?  I’m going with Iron Mike and Alex Smith…

SF – 24   TEN – 10

Dallas @ Philly: Ok, so Tony Romo and Donovan McNabb are detectives and they head down a dark alley following a suspicious dude and as they walk down the alley and two guys (Kevin Kolb and Jerry Jones) jump out from behind a dumpster with guns blazing and Tony and Donovan take cover.  Which one of them makes it out of the alley? For the life of me I can’t see Tony Romo having the wherewithal to cover Donovan, but Donovan probably doesn’t need it.  Then again, Kolb is gunning for Donovan and Jerry’s just shooting over Tony’s head to scare him.  Given this lack of motivation I’d say that Tony will probably hop up thinking Jerry’s a bad shot and catch a bullet anyways…  I don’t trust Romo, I don’t trust the Cowboys, and the Iggles have shown me that they can reinvent themselves over and over again.

PHI – 30   DAL – 20

Pittsburgh @ Denver: Bottom line…this is a tale of two young coaches.  Josh McDaniels is going to learn something either way and chances are it’s going to be how to manage a Super Bowl winner when you actually have feelings.  I think Denver needs to drop this game so they can grow…and they will.  However, I say this because I think i they lose this one they might just win out.

PIT – 27   DEN – 7

Enjoy your NFL weekend…I know I will :o)

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