NFL: Free Agents Racking Up Frequent Flyer Miles

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NFL: Free Agents Racking Up Frequent Flyer Miles

Airports all over the country have been very busy this past week filled with NFL free agents seeking out new teams. Although it is an uncapped year, not too many large contracts have been signed, so there probably flying coach.

The Cleveland Browns two-headed disaster at QB has been moved this past week and seemed long overdue. Speaking of overdue, Rex Ryan had a successful weight loss surgery performed.

LaDainian Tomlinson made up his mind about where to play, but what other minds may have been impacted in the process?

Which NFL players won’t need a return flight and which ones may be racking up the frequent flyer miles?

LT Apparently Not a Prince Fan

This past weekend Tomlinson was reportedly conflicted on where to play next season, Minnesota or New York. We found out on Sunday that LT decided that he likes “Big Apples” better than “The Artist Formally Known as Prince”.

A report leaked on ESPN that Brett Favre was heavily involved in the recruiting process of bringing LT to Minnesota. I’m assuming that he didn’t take Favre on his word when he said he would come back. I understand, when an ex-con tells me that he’s not a murderer anymore, I’m still not letting him baby-sit.

LT is headed to a place where he will receive more carries and have a great shot at contending for a Super Bowl.

Does this mean that Favre won’t be back without the signing of LT? No, it’s still the same team that went to the NFC Championship game.

A Minute with Brandon “Bipolar” Marshall

The Jets have recently thrown themselves in the mix for Marshall’s services. This would set up an amazing offense around future Jets starting RB Tomlinson and second year QB Mark Sanchez. I say future starter because he went to the Jets knowing that he can be out Greene, but LT knows he is not beating out Peterson in Minny.

According to Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post, the Jets are having internal discussions about putting together a package for Marshall. The Package would have to include more than the 29th overall pick.

I don’t care how talented he is, if someone offers me a first round pick and a sane WR who doesn’t have a history of beating women and attitude problems, I’m taking it.

LT Made Room for a Reunion

The Vikings are still looking to fill the backup void left by Chester Taylor. I’m assuming that Favre and company would like to see them fill that spot with a hungry veteran.

Brad Childress, former Offensive Coordinator with the Philadelphia Eagles has close ties to all purpose back Brian Westbrook. I know that Westbrook’s head has been banged into more times than Paris Hilton’s has against a headboard, but he could be a great third down option.

I think Westbrook is a great personality to put in the locker room and knows the offense already. They could also take another back later in the draft and feel better about his chances of being molded by two vets.

Don’t Crown the Brown

The Cleveland Browns are in good hands with Mike Holmgren. They released QB Derek Anderson; upon his release he had some choice words for the “Dawg Pound”. I feel that both sides had the right to say what they said, but the real winners here are the Browns fans.

They Traded Brady Quinn to the Denver Broncos. The worst thing about that is it takes the total of good looking people in Cleveland from 7 to 6.

The Browns signed former Carolina Panthers QB Jake Delhomme. WHAT? I know I said they were in good hands, so I guess were just going to have to trust Mike. Maybe the cold weather has Holmgren tipping the sauce and he thought he was getting ’05 Delhomme.

Word on the Street

Tom Cable said that there will be a QB competition for the starting job next season. Really, how shocking! They said JaMarcus Russell is not dedicated enough and failed to show up for an off season workout. I have an idea, let his lard ass keep eating and turn him into a blocking TE.

LenDale White wants to be traded. Yeah, teams want things too, like talent. We don’t always get what we want; ask the Titans how they feel about drafting you.

Cincinnati signed career under achiever Antonio Bryant as a second WR. They passed on TO, but Carson Palmer has unknowingly lost his mind and released a statement saying they should still pursue him. See what too many concussions will do to you.

Trade rumors continue to swirl about both Eagles quarterbacks, Vick and McNabb. Would the Eagles just trade these two already and give the Philly fans something to complain about. When McNabb leaves the Eagles they will stumble like a three legged race with Oprah and Rosie O’Donnell.

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