NBA: Superstars Welcome and Farewell

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NBA: Superstars Welcome and Farewell

Updates and developments in the NBA tend to move quicker than a Golden State Warriors fast break.

This past week in the league we have had some welcoming and some farewells. They all have to do with some of the most trend setting players in the sport today.

Thanks to social media we get a much better insight into some players and how they truly are. Tracy McGrady recently sent an email to Lebron James showing us that he is delusional.

Yao Ming is the biggest thing to come to the NBA out of China, I mean that literally and figuratively.

King James also made a life changing decision for himself and any kid still living is his mothers basement willing to spend $80 dollars.

We may be saying goodbye to the Brett Favre of the NBA again, and possibly again.

The City that Never Competes

Recently T-Mac emailed King James, “I’m in the Big Apple, I’ll see you hear next season.”

Yes, you probably will see him at MSG next season in a non Knick uniform and most likely watching the game from a rehab facility.

On what grounds does T-Mac think that the Knicks want him back after they have unloaded his enormous salary? He is on record as saying that he would take less money next year if that meant bringing in another superstar.

First of all, NO KIDDING you’ll take less money. Secondly you’re not a superstar anymore; you are a surgically repaired liability.

T-Mac hasn’t even been pass the first round of the playoffs, there is no way Lebron wants to add the pressure of carrying you to the second round.

Tallest Baby in American History

Yao Ming has recently come back to the United States and brought with him his pregnant wife. Ming’s wife, Ye Li is also a professional basketball player and stands 6’2. I need to see a picture of that, a 6’2, pregnant Chinese woman!

Li is due to deliver a baby girl in July. Ming said at a Rockets game on Wednesday that where the baby is born is a private matter.

Some of Ming’s Chinese fans have said that it would be a betrayal to China and possibly deny them a future Chinese pro basketball star. Is that really your concern, how about the baby is born somewhere with the freedom of choice and a place where the country doesn’t have a history of killing female babies.

I could care less where they decide to have the baby, but I do want to see pictures after the baby is born. I am taking bets know that this litter girl comes out at least three feet tall and can dunk by middle school.

What Makes 6 Better Than 23

This Past week Lebron James has filed a petition with the league office to change his number from 23, to number 6. James wears this current number because of his out spoken man crush on Michael Jordan.

James has gone on record as saying that Jordan’s jersey number should be retired league wide. Only two athletes have their jersey’s retired league wide, Jackie Robinson who broke the color barrier and Wayne Gretzky, a decision made by Canadians who drink to much Moon Shine.

James believes this because he thinks that MJ is the greatest player to ever play and is in awe of his six NBA titles.

The number 6 is his Olympic number and also happens to be the number of all time great Celtics legend Bill Russell. Russell is considered by many to be the most ultimate player the NBA has ever seen.

If Lebron is so impressed with Jordan’s six titles, then someone please help him count all 11 that Russell won.

On this topic James is being a bit over the top. No one should have their Jersey retired league wide. If you’re going to change numbers to honor someone’s greatness, then don’t change it to the man, who was the man, before your man.

The Inner City Logo

If Jerry West is the Logo of the NBA, then Allen Iverson is the Logo of the streets that rep the NBA.

Allen Iverson has stepped away from the game of basketball for personal reasons; mainly his four year old daughter has a very serious illness.

Iverson made neck tattoos acceptable for everyone to sport. That includes white early middle aged package delivery guys, who ball at the YMCA. I got my hair rowed up because of how cool his hair styles were.

Besides the stylish impact he had on the game, AI could fill it up with the best of them. Sometimes he looked like Sonic the Hedge Hog bouncing around on the court. He finishes 17th on the all-time scoring list and probably could improve on that if he would sacrifice a little pride.

Iverson is unfairly known for his “Practice” sound bit, but for me the image I have is of him doing a crossover on MJ in a Sixers throwback.

In my twenty years of watching sports AI is one of my top ten favorite athletes. I’m not even from Philly, Thank GOD! It’s not official that he is done and I hope he comes back, but if he is done I thank him for all the blood and sweat he gave us.

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