My Case For TCU

Last time I looked TCU doesn’t have any losses. Their defense stood up strong all season and they’re going to be on the outside looking in. This isn’t any different from Auburn’s undefeated season in which they ended up third in the final BCS standings back in 2003. Auburn felt jilted then and so should TCU now.

At this point we need a playoff because we don’t have a total BCS disaster, but we still have a team with a score to settle. Moreover, there are some one-loss teams with scores to settle. Just imagine all the Super Bowl winners we would’ve missed out on if they did things like this in the NFL. The Steelers in 2006. The Giants over the undefeated Patriots. The Patriots in 2001.

TCU should get a shot at someone who is also in the BCS to see if they really belong. Boise State already answered their question, “We don’t belong.”

TCU hasn’t gotten a chance yet. You could say they may answer “the question” in a BCS bowl. They could get destroyed. Remember Hawaii got crushed by Georgia a couple years ago and everyone and said, “See, that gimmicky offense is full of crap!”

Hawaii had their shot, and it happened in a bowl game, but I think this TCU team is better than any other non-AQ we’ve ever seen. Give the Horned Frogs a chance. Sure, they have the stupidest mascot in the history of sports (even worse than the Dots from Poca High School in Poca, West Virginia), but by golly, they deserve a chance.

I’ll retract all of this if they die in the Rose Bowl against Wisconsin, but for the time being can we use our heads and give an undefeated team a chance at the national title? Let the team ranked #1 in the BCS get a week off, let the #2 and #3 play in a bowl game for the right to play in the title game. It’s that simple.

Oh wait, this is “higher education.” We don’t do things like that in college. You know, things that make sense.

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