More On How Heathy Can You Get?

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More On How Heathy Can You Get?

The Bodymaker Cleanse is not a fast.  It is a full body cleansing and lifestyle-changing program.  Some call it a cleansing diet.   Due to the high amount of nutrition taken in while on the cleanse your body never enters into a ‘fasting’ state.  The cleanse works on a cycle of cleanse and build.

Before embarking on your Bodymaker Cleanse program, you receive a thorough inventory of your current health through a special Bodymaker computerized biochemical analysis.  The biochemical analysis consists of over 680 questions; such as do you have shortness of breath? Do you have sinus headaches? From the biochemical analysis comes The Bodymaker Computerized Graphs that show, on seven pages, the areas you have dysfunctional health to areas you have optimum health. You and your health professional will have a reference point to determine benefits of the program and any future exercise and supplement programs you embark on for the rest of your life.

Once on the program, you will follow a very rigid schedule. The schedule is a written checklist form stating exactly when and what to take. Here is an example of one tailored program. Each morning the patient drinks a special cleansing drink that consists of Epson salts. Throughout the day, as the patient cleanses, very specific whole food supplements are given. These natural food supplements are given in high concentration to nutrient saturate the cells and support cellular cleansing and normal cellular function. This helps to naturally build and regenerate the cells to a higher health level. Special yeast-free rice bread is required while on the program.  Some who cannot stand to go without more solid food can eat slightly steamed vegetables or a vegetable broth.  Exercise is added to the program as well.

The main complaints from some the people on the program is not being able to eat what they want, such as craving certain things, having a hard time getting their exercise time in and the intensive cleansing is draining to the body.

The program isn’t low cost either. The average cost is $1200.00, which includes $200.00 for the computer diagnostic. Despite the challenges, users of the program have achieved better health.

One such case is Sheri Wahl.  She wrote in a testimony, “While on the cleanse, I experienced increased energy in the first few days. I also started to feel more alert. I easily maintained my work schedule, performed at least 30-60 minutes of aerobics everyday and continued weight training 4 times a week without any loss of strength. I’ve even increased the amount of weights I’m lifting and pushing. As for the few difficult days I experienced on the Cleanse while the toxins were pouring out of my body — these consisted of moderate deep muscle aches in my mid-to-lower back area.”

Caroline Tessa, who struggled with an unreasonable acne problem, tried all possible remedies under the umbrella of the medical profession, she thought, until she tried The Bodymaker Cleanse. “After years of fighting acne and skin problems, I’ve finally found a solution with The Bodymaker Cleanse. My skin has cleared up remarkably and the overall tone and texture has changed. I can now face the world. “

One must keep in mind that the process of thoroughly healing your body requires patience and the willingness to go through the symptoms of getting well. True healing is not covering up symptoms but repairing and rejuvenating cells, tissues, organs and systems until total health reigns.  Many times the symptoms of getting well may ‘feel’ like those of getting sick, but when properly allowed for, the healing symptoms will resolve quickly and health and strength will return.

When your body lacks one or more of the required chemical elements, the cellular function is interfered with.  Tissue, gland and organ structure is weakened and entire system can malfunction.  According to Dr. Meshbesher, The Bodymaker Cleanse, much like a house wrecking crew, comes in and cleans out your system making way for the new, optimum function of cells bringing you new and vastly improved health.

Like any health program check with your health care professional for more information on The Bodymaker Cleanse.

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