MLB’s Hyprocracy Knows No Bounds

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MLB’s Hyprocracy Knows No Bounds

I will be honest when I say I really don’t know why MLB bothers me so much with there steroids equals Home Runs idealism.  And I was taking a look at all the HR Leaders for the last 100 or so years and noticed a few things.

First off is how Ryan Howard lead the NL with 48 and Miquel Cabrera only hit 37 to lead the AL, and though these numbers are lower, but there not that off from recent years with the exception to 1998 – 2001.  What I also noticed was that back in 1961 Roger Maris (61 HRs) and Orlando Cepeda (46 HRs) lead the league in HRs and there wasn’t demands from Congress to start steroid testing immediately.

From the list you can see several more years in which the HRs are greater in both Leagues.  The thing is I understand that pitching has changed and so has the game in some ways, but the politics behind it remain the same, TERRIBLE.  So what is your point Dr. S? My thoughts are simple, steroids can help your physical attributes to some extent, and more importantly it can most likely extend your career if used properly, but they can’t make you a Golden Glove Fielder, League Leading Hitter or Cy Young Pitcher.

This is a God given talent and years of hard work that become these elusive awards, nothing else.  So stop this witch hunt of sorts and worry about salary issues that could very well ruin the game.  And to our great and powerful Congress, leave MLB , WWE , NFL and any other sporting leagues alone, and worry about an economy that has a 7% unemployed rate that grows daily.

This is just my opinion, and I love this country and the government too, but feel we spread ourselves thin when it isn’t necessary.

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