MLB: NL Players That Will Leave Their Impression in 2010

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MLB: NL Players That Will Leave Their Impression in 2010

This is the time of year when fantasy baseball dorks search for the players they think are going to have a big year.  These guys look into everything; batting order, OBS, OPS, SLG, ERA, WHIP, and do so by cross referencing these stats over several years.

For those of you with girlfriends and a social life, don’t judge these guys.  They are the group that keeps baseball going during the dog days of summer.  Plus they have really strong forearms.

The National League has the down side of letting a pitcher hit for himself.  This creates for a lot of “situational baseball”, also known as “boring baseball”.  The American League has the DH, some things in life just aren’t fair, Hue Hefner has three girl friends and I only have one.

What players from the NL will be giving themselves a household name this summer?

Which player may need to prove he was not a product of the steroids era?  Which player will break away from his notoriety of looking like a fictional bear and leave his impression on the summer of 2010?

We Still Play in the Majors

NL East

The Atlanta Braves acquired Troy Glaus to play first base this off season in hopes to add some pop to the lineup.  Glaus had an injury plagued season for the St. Louis Cardinals last year in which he only had 29 at bats and never went deep.

Glaus did the majority of his damage at the plate as a member of the Anaheim Angeles during baseballs notorious “steroid era”.  Glaus has never tested positive for performance enhancers.

You could try your best to get me to believe that he was clean, but I’m not going to buy it.  I have never seen Donald Trump’s bank account, but I’m positive there is lots of money in it.

Mr. Glaus, this is the year you can prove to me and people like me that your just that talented.  I believe if he stays healthy that he will play a big part in helping the Braves clinch the NL wildcard.

Yes Floridians the Marlins are still a Major League team!  They have got some great young talent, lead by shortstop Hanley Ramirez and followed up by stud pitcher Josh Johnson.

This kid is 6’7 and pitches even bigger on the mound.  I believe that Johnson will be an all-star this season and be in contention for the NL CY Young.  Joshua Johnson you are about to get paid, so take some advise from me, stay away from what ever night clubs Ben Roethlisberger has been attending.

Work on These Name Pronunciations

NL Central

When you think of the St Louis Cardinals you think of Albert Pujols.  Baseball is not a one man sport, so if the Cards are going to win the Central they are going to have to get a guy like Colby Rasmus to step up.

Rasmus had a solid rookie season.  I believe he is ready to break on the scene in a big way.  Colby has a great opportunity to make some cheddar by hitting in a line up with Matt Holiday and Pujols.

If it doesn’t work out for him in the big leagues, Rasmus should move to Hollywood and become a soap star with a name like that.

I finally feel like the Milwaukee Brewers have a legit ace in Yovani Gallardo.  The “Brew Crew” is in a division that is for the taking, but could use one more pitcher to match the caliber of Gallardo.

By the end of the season Gallardo will cement his status with the likes of the NL top pitchers.  That is saying a lot in a league with Lincecum, Wainwright, and Halladay.

I like both of these guys to have great years, but I love the fact that they have two of the best names in baseball.  Yovani Gallardo… sounds like a Mexican porn star.

Break Away From Stereotype

NL West

My favorite thing about Pablo Sandoval is that he makes me feel like I could be a major leaguer.  Sandoval, a.k.a. “Kung-Fu Panda” kept the San Francisco Giants competitive from the offensive side of the plate last season.

In 2008, Sandoval hit .345 in 145 at bats and hit .330 in 572 at bats last season.  So you know his success is not a fluke.

You can make all the references you want to a Jack Black movie, but this Panda is the man.  I love to see him representing for the big guys, kind of like “Biggie Smalls”, although the size of a small fishing boat, he still hooked up with hot chicks.

If the Dodgers are going to win the West this season, they are going to need a number one guy to emerge as the ace of the staff.  The talk out in LA is that Clayton Kershaw is still to young to assume that role.

I totally disagree and believe this year he is the guy who wins big games for the Dodgers.  Every team needs a guy who can snap a losing streak.

You know what Clayton; a lot of people thought it was not time for Bruce Willis to do Die Hard 4, but look how that worked out.  Kershaw will be the Dodgers John MacLean!

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