MLB: AL Players That Will Leave Their Impression in 2010

One of the greatest things about sports is the memories they give us. Each year in baseball a lot of the same names give us something to remember and each year new player’s break onto the scene with memorable performances.

The guy that made baseball special for me was Sammy Sosa. In ’96 and ’97 is when I started to really follow him, but during the summer of ’98 Sosa and Mark McGwire really gave us something to remember.

Little did we know that it was more tainted than a Hulk Hogan wrestling match.

Who are some of the players from the American League that will be delivering us this years summer memories?

The Other CC and Josh Band-Aid

AL East

If you read my AL predictions then you already know that I picked Alex Rodriguez to be the AL MVP. That will save us from talking about New York’s favorite D-Bag.

When you hear the initials CC you automatically think of the Yankees freakishly large lefty Sabathia.

The guy with those initials who will have a dominating season is Tampa Bay Rays OF Carl Crawford. Crawford is in a contract year and coming off one of his most productive seasons in the majors. He recorded a record high in OBP and SB, which are important categories that only baseball dorks care about.

I believe his desire to land with a team that can afford to compete on a yearly basis will push him to set career highs in many statistical categories. Crawford, who oddly looks like Cuba Goodwin Jr. will be shouting his famous line, “show me the money” next season.

Boston Red Sox ace Josh Beckett is another guy looking to get a contract based off of this year’s performance. It always seems as if Beckett has little nagging injuries that stop him from reaching his maximum potential. Beckett always seems to have a blister on his pitching hand or a paper cut.

Even if Beckett does sometimes suffer from male menstruation I believe that this will be a great year for him. I look for him to keep the Sox’s in the wildcard race until the end.

Oh Yeah That Guy

AL Central

I bet a lot of you guys think that I am going to talk about how Rick Ankiel is going to lead the Royals to a playoff birth. For any of you who did think that, you should stop standing so close to the gas pump while filling up.

Jason Kubel is the guy who I think has a chance to become a household name from the Minnesota Twins. Kubel set a career high in batting average and homeruns last season.

Kubel also has the luxury of hitting behind Minnesota mad men, Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau. This will be like following Marvin Gay in concert; ladies are already wet so you know your going to get some.

A pitcher from this division who I think could prove to be dominant is Jake Peavy. Peavy was 3 – 0 in three starts for the White Sox’s last season with a 1.35 era.

This will be the first full season for Peavy outside of the San Diego Padres organization. You may not think that this could have an impact, but it will be nice to pitch for fans not so concerned with tanning and getting the perfect beach spot.

White Men Can’t Slump

AL West

I have already gone on record as saying that  Mariners SP Felix Hernandez is my CY Young for the AL this season.

I believe that the Rangers are going to announce their presents in the AL West for years to come this season. Ian Kinsler is the guy who I think will drive them to this point.

Last season Kinsler’s average was down but his homers were up. I suspect this is the season where he puts both of them together. I like for him to be part of the MVP talk, not to win, but at least be mentioned.

The Rangers are going to resemble the show Entourage, staring Kinsler as the part of Vinny Chase.

Cliff Lee will be the greatest thing to come to Seattle since the umbrella. Lee is the reason why I picked Hernandez to win CY Young. Having another ace in the rotation will take an enormous amount of pressure off of this kid and he is going to max out this season.

I like Lee to be the Johnson to his Schilling, Costanza to his Seinfeld, or Mary Kate to his Ashley. I have high expectation for this Mariners squad and Lee will be the Key.

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