King James MVP Crown Favorite

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King James MVP Crown Favorite

Selecting an MVP is not an exact science, so there is no guarantee that you’ll make the right pick.  Two of the most common ways to make your pick is to select the best player, or subtract the player who is not necessarily the most skilled but most vital to the teams success.

For the first time in NBA history the league is opening up the voting to the fans.  They can rank their favorites from 1 – 5, the fan ballots will average out and count for one vote.

The remaining 124 votes will come from a panel of carefully selected sports writers and broadcasters.  This way league commissioner David Stern can please everyone by giving the fans a say and rest assured that Allen Iverson won’t win the MVP.

I only say that because the fans who vote for the all-star starters voted in Allen Iverson even though he only played in a half dozen games.  “AI”, had the same impact as the team mascot.

The last two winners of the NBA MVP are Kobe Bryant in ’08 and LeBron James in ’09.  Both men are strong candidates for this year’s award with the edge going to James.

What other players are deserving of consideration for this prestigious award? Is James a lock to win back-to-back MVP awards?

It May Not be Flashy

I judge MVP on how vital a player is to their team, could I substitute someone and have the same to similar result.   I would strongly consider two of the older point guards in the Western Conference, Chauncey Billups, and Jason Kidd.

Billups is the most underrated player over the past eight years; he has been to seven straight conference championships.  Neither Bryant nor Tim Duncan has done that.  Billups is like herpes, every year he keeps coming back and he’s really tough to get rid of.

Kidd may not have the numbers but he runs the Dallas Mavericks like a brothel, nobody talk about how great it is, just let them come see for themselves.

These two may not be the sexy obvious pick, but you can scrap flashy and give me winners.

Big Game in Small Market

There is no argument from any NBA fan that the Oklahoma City Thunder is the surprise team in the league.  They are led by Kevin Durant, a taller skinnier version of Steven Urkel.

They have a very talented young core of players but Durant has carried that team on his back.  They have eight games remaining and if they can play .500 basketball not only will they be in the playoffs, but be a 50 win team.

Durant has been one or two in scoring almost all season and at one point had 20 plus consecutive games with 25 or more points.  Streaks like this are more likely on a last place team, but to do it in a highly competitive Western Conference playoff race was sensational.

A consecutive games streak like that put him in a category with Michael Jordan.  As long as the categories aren’t extra marital affairs or gambling debts, then you’re fine.

Crown the King Again

I haven’t talked about anyone from the Eastern Conference besides LBJ; there is a very good reason for that.  I could take away one of the top four players from the Orlando Magic and they would be the same team.

The Atlanta Hawks just aren’t ready for anyone to emerge to that level.  This isn’t a lifetime achievement award so no one from the Celtics is getting it.  Steven Jackson from the Bobcats may still be on a sub .500 team, that’s like a dead beat dad getting father of the year for paying child support on time.

King James is the only player from the east who is in the conversation.  The Cavs are on their way to winning 65 games for the second consecutive season and that is due to the fact that James flirts with a triple-double almost every night.

Late season struggles by the Los Angeles Lakers will hurt Bryant’s chances of winning it.  Although I do expect Bryant to receive first place votes from fans and writers.

On my ballot it’s between Bryant, Durant, and James.  I have to give my vote to the King, in a slight edge over Durant.

If Durant wins the scoring title and his squad wins 50 games this year I could see him winning, or at least running a close second.  I feel the fact that they will be a six seed and probably won’t win one playoff round limits his chances this season.

With the direction that the Thunder are headed and the experience they have gained this season the award is not far away from being Durant’s.

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