Kickboxing Awesome Workout!

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Kickboxing Awesome Workout!

I was introduced to kickboxing when I only had 45 minutes to work out. I wasn’t in the mood for a cardio-machine workout. A fellow member of my athletic club suggested I take the Kickboxing class.

I hesitated at first. Then, I decide what the heck. I will give the class a try. My first class was exhilarating.

Even though I didn’t do all the kicks and jabs properly, I got a great workout.  I have been hooked ever since.  

Kickboxing Never Boring

Since that day I have had different instructors. I can honestly say if you have a good instructor a kickboxing class is never boring.

You are at a high-intensity workout for a good 45 minutes. If the class is an hour long, you are sure to get plenty of stretching before and after the 45 minutes of jabbing and kicking.

Kickboxing has definitely increased my strength and flexibility. Did I mention the added benefit of burning calories and fat?  

Burn Calories

My favorite instructor bragged after one of our classes that she burned 460 calories in the 45-minute class.  I had to believe her because I was drenched in sweat.

I discovered later that American Council on Exercise (ACE) reported kickboxing burns an average of 350 to 450 calories per hour.

I was reasonably fit when I took my first kickboxing class.  It’s a good idea that you do the same. It is a high-impact cardiovascular workout.

If you take the class when you are out of shape, you are liable to give up.  You might even get injured.

Use Caution

Kickboxing was introduced to me without forewarning. I just went and did it.  You can approach the workout that way or use caution.  

I have discovered there are other important factors to consider before taking your first jab or kick. Kickboxing can be effective and fun. But you need to be careful.

At your first class, you need to inform the instructor that it’s your first time. If she is a good instructor, she’ll watch out for you and make sure you do well.

The instructor might even ask you a few questions, so she can size you up.  She may ask if you workout often or have taken other aerobic-type classes.

Fun with Music

Kickboxing blends elements of boxing, martial arts and traditional aerobics. All choreographed to music of the instructor’s choice.  Sometimes members beg the instructor to knock off the hip-hop or dragster music.

Most kickboxing classes start with light stretches. Then, some upper-body jabs and light lower-body kicks.  

A typical routine includes series of repetitive jabs, elbow strikes, kicks and other self-defense moves.  All moves are interspersed with a bouncing ‘base’ move to choreographed music.

Complete Workout

You are lunging and thrusting through the air, not working against resistance. It still qualifies as a complete body workout.

You are using several muscle groups during a very intense aerobic routine.  Then, the class ends with a gradual cool down.  

Always remember to keep your hips relaxed and abs tight. You need to also have your feet shoulder width apart with feet correctly positioned for each kick.  Most important, have a blast!

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