Jason Giambi Failed Amphetamine Test Within The Last Year

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Jason Giambi Failed Amphetamine Test Within The Last Year

The New York Daily News is reporting that Jason Giambi failed an amphetamine test within the last year. Citing ‘sources,’ reporter T.J. Quinn claimed Giambi’s failed an MLB test and was subsequently subject to six additional tests this year.

Giambi hinted at the failed test last week when he told USA Today that he was “probably tested more than anybody.” Under the terms of Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program, players who fail a performance-enhancing drug or an amphetamine test are subject to additional testing. The penalties for amphetamine use are different from that of other performance-enhancing drugs banned by MLB. The first positive test for amphetamines is kept confidential, unlike the other performance-enhancing drugs, so because Giambi has not been suspended by Major League Baseball, he must have failed an amphetamine test to require the additional testing.

This story comes as Giambi, the Yankees, and the Commissioner’s Office are having meetings to determine what the consequences should be (if any) for Giambi’s admission of steroid use in a May 18th article in USA Today. While there has been talk of the Yankees terminating the remainder of his contract, and/or MLB suspending him retroactively, in all likelihood he will escape any penalty unless he admits to using steroids (or other performance-enhancing drugs) after MLB’s drug policy was in place.

Giambi declined comment.

“I can’t really talk about anything.”

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