Importance Of Sleep

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Importance Of Sleep

woman sleepingWith any weight loss or muscle building programme, it is important that the body receives enough rest through sleep. When the body is tense, restless and suffers from insomnia, the body may crave unhealthy foods, such as those foods that contain a lot of saturated fat or convenience foods. Sleep is very important for the body.

When the body rests during sleep, the metabolism raises to perform important bodily functions like breathing and protecting the body from harm through temporary paralysis. Irregular sleepers may suffer weight gain according to researchers. The inability to sleep and late night boredom may lead to naughty midnight munchies. This will do nothing to help with weight loss or muscle gain. High blood pressure may also occur over time with irregular sleepers and insomniacs. It is therefore important to give the body adequate rest through regular sleep.

Research has shown that the skin produces collagen to re-plump the skin during 11.00 pm – 1.oo am, and is especially important for those people who use night creams on their face and body. An irregular sleeping pattern may also cause bad eating habits to occur and even increase the appetite in some people. It is important to try to get at least six hours sleep per night. Some people will require more, others less, but just listen to the body. Not enough sleep can cause the body to crave more food, and those high in fats and carbohydrates. Insomniacs may also suffer with a low basal metabolic rate.

Also, insomnia can affect a person during the day, so they may been fatigued and lack lustre and seldom participate in exercise. Although life is a stress, there are many ways to relax the body and combat insomnia or irregular sleeping patterns.

1.      Limit your caffeine, so steer clear from chocolate, coca cola, tea, and coffee or drink decaffeinated varieties.

2.      Take a warm bath with relaxing essential oils, such as lavender to relax the mind.

3.      Have a warm drink such as horlicks or hot chocolate half an hour before bedtime.

4.      Avoid watching too much TV late at night as it may stimulate the mind.

5.      Listen to relaxing music or read a book.

6.      Chamomile tea is also effective and can cause a drowsy state.

7.      Lettuce induces sleep so nibble on a few leaves.

8.      A hot water bottle or electric blanket can relax the body quickly.

9.      Try to write down any stresses or worries in a journal, as this can help rid the mind of problems.

10.  Try to avoid daily snoozes if possible, or limit them to five or ten minutes.

Once the body gets used to a regular sleeping pattern, it will usually stick to it. During the day, if you feel fatigued there are many ways to stimulate the mind. Head to the gym or get some fresh air. Longer afternoon sleeps may affect the normal sleeping pattern, and when the body is bored and awake, it may turn to unhealthy habits, such as smoking, TV, or unhealthy snacks.

A regular sleeping pattern will help to build muscle mass, boost the metabolism and help the body to crave healthy foods.

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