I Cannot Believe That I Am This Much Closer To My Dream.

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I Cannot Believe That I Am This Much Closer To My Dream.

I know I have been up front about my dream of cleaning up the steroid community, and I also admitted I cannot do it myself.

Thhen 2 weeks ago, Anthony Roberts calls me and states: I am getting a new site together , that would be like an internet Newspaper about steroids and it’s culture.

I want you to be involved, and then he lists off 10 authors that I know quite well.

To be honest it was quite a honor to be offered ( and was one of the first to be offered) to write with the likes of AR, Aaron Singerman, Carl Lanore, Jason Rosenberg, Matt Cahill, Mark Stent, and the list goes on.

So I have wrote a few articles so far, and feel like I have been humbled my friends.

I have very good view points but this is a whole new league.  I see daily articles that pop, which means I have to step my game up. So it alots me more experience by being amongst such great minds of the sports and performance enhancing drugs.

So I find myself reading every post, and taking note of there style.

Well back to my original point, the dream of cleaning up the steroid community took a huge step in the right direction, for as we all know it is rare to get that many prominent , and influencing minds in one place.  This gives opportunity to take an important topic and broadcast it to a greater population.

This  type of media has always been the most efficient way of changing things, whether it is for the better or worst is the focus.

With all the hype present I introduce the future of steroid news, www.steroidtimes.com . Please check it out, you will thank me later.

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