How to Prevent Post-Exercise Myalgia

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How to Prevent Post-Exercise Myalgia

Striving for beautiful figure we spend a lot of time in the gym, go to aerobics classes or play tennis, but the next morning can hardly get out of the bed because of myalgia. Literally every inch of the body hurts. It is painful to walk, to sit down, even to hold a cup of tea. How can we win against the negative consequences of physical exercises?

Active Warm-up

Do not neglect the rule of doing some warm-up before going for the major exercises. The body needs some warm-up before any type of training. The warm-up should include running and other aerobic exercises which boost the pulse and warm you up making you sweat.


Stretching follows active warm-up. Cold muscles not only stretch poorly but can also get injured in the process. Well stretched and warmed up muscles before the workout will help you avoid myalgia.

Drink More Water

Myalgia and spasms can arise when the body is dehydrated. How much tap water do you drink daily? In general, this amount should equal to 2 litters, yet if you actively go in for sports, then you should be more than that.


You can massage the risk areas with your own hands, or take a shower with a massaging head, or use a massaging device. At the same time you should visit a professional masseur from time to time.

Do Not Quit Training

Regular exercises help avoid post-training myalgia. If there was a gap in your trainings – make sure you get into shape gradually by regulating the load you do according to the shape your organism and muscles are in.

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