How To Create A Great Stack Part 2

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How To Create A Great Stack Part 2

OK so I went over the Synergy Stack, now I want to go over some basics I believe to be true. Like I said earlier , building a cycle is a lot like a recipe for food. The idea is to find what blends well together. I have to say in my mind, the only real difference between a bulker and a cutter is the calorie intake and how clean your diet is. Some prefer to do compounds that cause water retention, I don’t see the point.

Lets take a stack like Test Prop, Primo, and Tren Acetate. It looks like a great cutter or lean mass cycle, because of each steroids attributes, but if you take in like 5,000-7,000 cals a day and I see a great bulker. The only difference would be that stupid bloat you wouldn’t get with my stack, and can’t maintain when you come off the cycle so what’s the use? I see guys who love d-bol because it makes them strong and big, but only for the time you use it.

My goal for each cycle is to gain as much lean mass as possible and to keep as much as possible. What is the point of putting on 30 pounds, when you end up losing half. While I can do a mild cycle where I put on 15-17 pounds and keep almost all of it. We both end up the same size, you just deflate……

So my school of thought is always go for Lean mass cycles, just alter calorie intake accordingly. This will cut out a lot of unneeded cycles. Think about it, if you gain muscle within reason, it will be that much more easy for your body to accept and maintain. Also the Big Picture must come into play; if you do 2 cycles a year and gain 15 pounds each cycle. say you keep 10 pounds each time( and that is the low end, I keep more then that), that means you will gain 20 pounds a year. That is unreal if you look 5 years down the road. This could work for the little guys too.

Remember, this is just my view of the issue, not the final word, I realized a long time ago that we don’t create new ideas, we just reuse them. The guys that came before us, did it before us, so respect the veteran members.

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