How To Create A Great Stack

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How To Create A Great Stack

The one thing I have realized from all my Fu*k ups are what works.  I remember my first cycle over 12 years ago, it was deca by itself.  I did 200 mgs a week for 10 weeks, gained 12 pounds and proceeded to lose it all, for I had no idea of what PCT was at the time.  And trust me, that wasn’t the worst cycle I ever put together.

But what emerged from all these mistakes were the combinations that work.

Some ideas that have been told to me over the years, I have tried to test , as long as they are within reason.  One was what I like to call the “Synergy Stack”, one compound from each family.

Test derived, a 19-Nor, a DHT, and as one of my forum buddies said ” it is like 1+1+1=5, when it comes to this combination.  I would like to take a moment to point out that stacking is an opportunity to get better gains with lower doses.  The “Synergy Stack” does work quite well and it allows me to use mild compounds so I keep my body healthy along the way. My favorite of the Synergy combinations, is Prop at about 100 mgs EOD, NPP at 100 mgs EOD, Primo 400-600 mgs a week and EQ 400-600 mgs a week.  I don’t recommend a cycle like this for a novice, and unless you know all about each, leave this to me. From this I gained 25 pounds over 16 weeks and kept 23 pounds of it.  Proper PCT played a big part in that too.

This recipe came along like anyother, you start with the base (Test), next find your role players.  I wanted lean mass so automatically Primo was on board, next I need something that makes you hard, so EQ was an easy choice.  Finally I wanted something to protect my joints and tendons while under the extra stress of the new found strength, so NPP was a no brainer. I know it may seem like too much , but I did rotate the steroids so it wasn’t straight through with all of them.

I just realized this will take more then just one post, so I will continue tomorrow with this topic.  Thanks

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