Glenn, Grace and Disgrace

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Glenn, Grace and Disgrace

Well, you will no doubt recall that you first read it on Suite 101 when I told you that the demise of Glenn Hoddle could hardly be far behind the Welsh FA “loan” debacle referred to a few weeks ago. (See Chocolate Fireguard & other stories.) He finally opened his mouth once too often and couldn’t extricate his foot quickly enough. In point of fact, his admitted “serious error in judgement” and consequent sacking was ironically accompanied by less dignity than he himself had displayed towards the disabled people he “unintentionally” offended.

In some powerful countries, a “serious error in judgement” can lead to impeachment, although I don’t think that would be quite “cricket” on this occasion. Every cloud has a silver lining Glenn.

Acting Football Association Chief Executive David Davies (See Chocolate Fireguard again) was heckled during the announcement in front of full media attention further reducing the dignity of an already damaged organization.

Hoddle had delighted us with his flair and skill on the field for many years. He had seemed to be doing a similarly successful job on the management sidelines for quite some time. His appointment as England’s guru was generally well received and it could be said that his teams were responding positively. At some point religion and other interests just seemed to first blur his vision and then totally distort his new methods until even his most loyal players were thoroughly confused. No one quite knew what he believed in. He didn’t become Glenn Goddle for nothing. Grace slowly replaced by disgrace.

Ultimately his team’s chances were not being enhanced by his sullen behaviours and superiority outbursts. The other side of that coin is at least arguable. His arrogance finally tripped him up in a way that few of his playing opponents could ever do and “everyone” (including but not limited to the Prime Minister) agreed that it was best for him to step down.

Now don’t feel sorry for him – he probably sold a few more books this week – he has been well compensated for his employment and he can afford a nice vacation before taking up a position yet to be determined somewhere in the beautiful game. Bye bye for the present.

Now I must phone my good friend Alan Churchard to get the skinny on a good friend of his, Howard Wilkinson.

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