Getting Rid of Baby Belly

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Getting Rid of Baby Belly

Most mothers are concerned about weight gain and loss after pregnancy because they want that perfect belly once again.  A lifestyle change has occurred and putting that into consideration is what will make or break a mother’s ability to lose her baby belly. Getting rid of the baby belly can be done if it is done correctly and consistently.

Start out by measuring your belly, thighs, arms and chest.  Note the measurements and place them somewhere safe. You will not be looking at these for some time.

Weigh yourself and note the weight.

Set your goals. Be real and honest.

Find a diet you are comfortable to apply to your body.  Figure out what diet works for you. Pick that diet and stay with it. Discuss the diet with your doctor.

Pick an exercise regimen that works for you and your baby–other children in your family as well.  Health clubs with excellent nursery care or day care is imperative. You get a break from your baby and your baby gets a break from you while you exercise.

Discuss starting an exercise regimen with your doctor.

Most health clubs offer free exercise orientations for new members.  Tell your workout instructor the goals you set and develop a fitness program. Ask if you can set up another orientation in 6 or 8 weeks.

Work out at least three times a week.  Four to five times a week is much better. You can have your stable three-day work out with two days dedicated to a special class like spin or Pilates.

Stick to your diet. Concentrate on raw vegetables more so than fruits.  Vegetables are lower n carbohydrates and better for your body. Fruits have more sugar (expect for carrots and beets-root plants).

Weight yourself once a week.  Keep in mind that muscle weights more than fat, so you might not lose that much weight but trim down more so. That’s why you measured yourself.

Measure yourself again in 6 weeks. Notice the difference in size.  You have trimmed down. You will notice that your clothes are not as tight any more.

Look down at your belly. It is flatter, toner and more appealing.

Keep at it and don’t stop.  Acknowledge each milestone in your program. Tell you friends, husband and baby. Be delighted when your friends notice too.

Consider changing your regimen when you have reached a plateau by meeting with your workout instructor, again, as scheduled during your first meeting.  Set new goals based on how you are currently doing with your fitness program.

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