Eating for your Blood Type

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Eating for your Blood Type

eating blood typeThere are various ways to lose weight, one of which is to eat according to your blood type. If you have ever given blood you will have been given a card or keyring, which states your blood type. There are four main blood groups:, A, AB, B, and O. If you are unsure as to what your blood type is, make an appointment with your GP and ask them. It should be in your medical file. Dr Peter D’Amamo has claimed that by eating the correct foods that match your blood type, they can help push the body into optimum health, help the body to lose weight, and lower the risk of disease that may occur.

Many celebrities have followed this diet and lost weight successfully. Nutrients are absorbed in a different way dependent on each blood group. If a nutrient is consumed which does not work well with the blood type, health problems or stress can occur in the body. When a correct diet is consumed in accordance with the blood type, the digestive system will work effectively, and it can help a person lose weight, as well as boost the immune system.

Blood type O is the most common of the blood groups. Group A is the second most common blood type. Group B follows, which is rarer, and then AB, which is a newest blood type and very rare. Group O’s can consume meat products and therefore follow a diet, which contains a lot of protein. Group A’s would ideally be suited to a vegetarian diet. Group B’s can consume grains, dairy produce, meat, and vegetables, and Group AB can consume meat, grains, and vegetarian produce, similar to groups A and B, hence the name: type AB.

Blood group O’s should ideally follow a diet that is low in carbohydrates, limit their dairy intake, wheat, and grains, but stick to a high protein diet. In moderation, eggs, nuts, certain vegetables, and seeds can be consumed. Blood group A’s should try to stick to a vegetarian diet and limit their dairy intake if possible. Blood type B are lucky in that they can consume a wider variety of foods, but foods to avoid are processed foods, carbohydrate rich foods, nuts, and seeds. Blood group AB are able to consume the foods of groups A and B.

Because the body works better for groups A and O by limiting dairy, it is important to consume a good multivitamin and calcium supplement to prevent osteoporosis. Weight bearing exercise can help to strengthen the muscles, so running and skipping will work wonders for these blood groups. It can be an effective diet to follow if you are serious about gaining weight, adding muscle bulk, or allowing your body to reach optimum health through nutrition. There are books which discuss the Blood group diet in more detail and will state which foods work best in the body, and which do not according to your blood group.

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