Does She Want Sex with You?

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Does She Want Sex with You?

A man can tell if a woman wants to make love to him by her specific behavior patterns. Keep in mind, though, that women are not all the same and before drawing your final conclusion, make sure you observe her closely. The same behavior may mean the green light for you with one woman, and with the other, it’s no more than her usual ways. You have to be sure that signals woman is sending are addressed to you only.

She Touches You

Whether you have an intimate discourse in a cafe or at a restaurant, or you dance with her in a nightclub, she keeps touching you to show that she feels safe in your company.

She Sticks Around

She wants it in the following situation, for example: you came in a nightclub with her friends. When everybody left to dance, she stayed to have a chat with you.
Note: She might just don’t feel like dancing.

She Invites You for a Coffee

Perhaps, she does it out of courtesy, but “coffee” might suggest something else.

She Talks about Sex

She talks about sex when you are alone. It indicates she wants to have a sexual intercourse with you.

She Gives Complements on Your Sexuality

She ignores your new shirt and says she likes your chest muscles. If a woman pays a compliment on your body instead of your clothes, it means she wants it off.

She Watches Your Lips

When people speak to each other they usually have an eye contact. If she fixes her eyes on your lips, it means she wants more than words.

Note: If it’s noisy around, she might look at your lips trying to understand what you are talking about.

How to Be Sure?

If you have fun in a nightclub with her friends, ask her what’s she is going to do after dancing. Her answer will let you know if she wants to stay with you.

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