DNP: Friend or Foe?

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DNP: Friend or Foe?

DNP, or dinitrophenol, was originally manufactured as a TNT detonator.  In scientific terms, it works by interfering with mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation; it raises your body temperature, diverting fatty acids away from ATP production, causing them instead to be emitted as heat.

It is an exponentially magnified version of Clenbuterol or ephedrine, raising your metabolism by 20-50%, depending on length of use.  DNP literally burns you from the inside out; it is essentially like doing cardio 24 hours a day, even while sleeping.  You can get it from your friendly pharmacist, who must customize it for your weight and weight loss goals.

The biggest word of warning with DNP is to NEVER take DNP that has been mixed for someone else, as the results are catastrophic and possibly lethal.  If a 250 pound man were to take DNP mixed for a 350 pound man, it would result in serious health problems and, more than likely, death.  DNP is not safe for women, as it is suspected of having serious reproductive ramifications, and is unsafe for anyone under 250 pounds.

What  to Expect

Day 1: Britt must have exaggerated; this stuff’s not so bad!
Day 2: I feel hot all the time.
Day 3: I’m hot and sweaty and miserable.
Day 4: I feel clammy to the touch, my wife doesn’t want to be anywhere near me and I just want to lay in an ice bath all day.
Days 5-11: I am soaking wet even while sitting still, I can’t cool down no matter how many cold showers I take, feel hot even in the pool, and have to change my shirt every hour.  Everyone at work thinks I’m on drugs because I’m sweaty and edgy all the time.
You will still feel the burn of DNP for about 24-36 hours after your last dose.  As it builds up in your system, the effects become more dramatic; the longer your cycle, the more miserable you will be.  DNP makes you unbearably hot, clammy to the touch, irritable, sweaty, and continuously thirsty.  DNP can stay in your system and continue to burn fat for up to two weeks.


When you take DNP, you are inducing a hyperthermic state in your body, exponentially increasing your metabolic rate, and accepting the many drawbacks and risks that come with DNP’s capability of heating your body well over 105 degrees.

DNP is described by Wikipedia as a “cellular metabolic poison,” so one must accept the risks that come with taking poison.  Its chemical properties sound like something concocted by the tobacco industry with such delightful ingredients as rat poison and its historic use as an alternative to TNT, a dye, a fungicide, an herbicide, and an insecticide.

The most disastrous side effects vary, “you may go blind, or end up in the hospital on an ice bed receiving ice-water enemas as the doctors frantically try to make the temperature of your yellow and sweaty body go back down…On the positive side, very few people have died from DNP use, although it remains a distinct possibility, as some DNP related fatalities have been reported.”

While the risks are widely discussed, they are somewhat exaggerated as most cases of DNP deaths and illness are related to intentional misuse, taking a dose not intended for you, or accidental DNP consumption.

DNP Chronology

DNP was widely popular as a diet drug in America from 1933-1938; albeit a time of wild and outlandish diets, shortly after the depopularization of the tapeworm, DNP’s proliferation was based on credible studies at Stanford University by Cutting and Tainter.

Dan Duchaine reintroduced DNP to the bodybuilding world in the 1990s and it remains in underground use throughout the athletic world today.  It lends some sense of credibility to the use of DNP that although the dangers are rampant, they are not as severe as the dangers of morbid obesity and DNP is currently being investigated for legal administration to obese patients.

Legality: Not legal, legality pending research for administration to the morbidly obese
Who DNP is for: Men over 250 pounds; not safe for women
When DNP is Appropriate: When you have a massive amount of weight to lose fast, have a week off of work and no social obligations, preferably in the winter
When DNP is (Mostly) Safe:  When you have it custom-mixed for you by a pharmacist and take it EXACTLY as recommended
Tips for Taking DNP: Your water intake should be at about 2 quarts per day
Cycle: 5, 7, or 11 days; another cycle can safely be taken about a month after the first cycle if desired results are not achieved.  The second cycle should be less dramatic than the first.  For example, if you had an 11 day cycle the first time, you may be given 5 DNP pills to take on alternating days in the second dose.  To maintain weight loss, you may be given a DNP pill to take once per week, which will not cause the same misery or dramatic results, but maintain the weight loss.
Results: About 35 pounds per 7 day cycle
Sustainability: DNP weight loss is sustainable, with most people only gaining 10-20% of their weight back with no alteration to their routines.  It is possible to take DNP once a week to maintain results.

DNP is a powerful weight loss aid, but there are side effects. The purpose of this article is to give you an inside look at how the product works and the general results people achieve using it.

If you choose to use DNP, be sure that it’s formulated just for you. As I said before, using DNP mixed for someone else can result in serious injury or even death. Everyone wants to achieve their goals, it’s just important to be safe as you do it!

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