Conquering Encounters with Women: Female Body Language

Last week in “Deaf people can’t hear with their ears so they learn how to use their hands.  The same goes for some women.  If they can’t verbally communicate their feelings then they might have to sign them to you like the deaf.

A woman may use her fingers to provocatively touch her neck, again pointing out the best place for young, healthy, luscious bare skin.  The neck is the most predictable area to show tender skin and also creates a soothing and loving sensation when they stroke it.

There is also a school of thought that when a woman is playing with an object while talking to you that her internal feelings can shine through.  For example, if a woman is holding a glass or bottle and gently rubs it on her lips before drinking it this may be a sign that she wants to be kissed.

Leg Position Signals

It is important not to stare at the legs, but take a glance to notice their position.  If the legs are crossed in your direction this is a good sign.  This is her way of telling you she is focused on you and giving you a chance to box out anyone else who may come into the area.

If the top knee is pointing away from you this is her way of saying that she interested in someone else and leaving the invitation open to the other side.

She may be wearing a dress or skirt, and noticing how much leg is exposed will also tell you her level of interest.  Also rubbing or stroking of the leg is an inviting signal that she has the desire to be stroked and that lucky person might be you.

X-Rated Oral Signals

There are certain answers that can come from the mouth without her actually saying anything.  These signals are more so for seduction, but nonetheless let you know that she wants you.

It’s a widely known thought that men like to watch women eat certain foods – popsicles, bananas, and suckers.  However, it is unlikely that she is going to deep throat a banana in the attempt to turn you on in an atmosphere surrounded by her peers .

There are certain sexual indicators that can be picked up by the way she eats.  For example, if she has ice cream or chocolates and consumes them slowly while noticing that you’re observing her, there’s a message she is trying to send.

That messages is the similar to the way she uses her tongue to swirl her straw in a glass, women may use these tactics in an attempt to get arousal out of you and in the process let you know that she may want to get physical.

Body Language Final Thoughts

Like I said in the beginning it would be much easier for women to tell you what they’re thinking.  Women are complicated, and by telling us it would take away from the mystery, spontaneity, and lust when seeking out a potential mate.

Next time you’re out, observe other people’s interactions and you will see all the things being said without ever being uttered.  Just like with any language, practice until you master it and use it to the best of your ability.

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