Colt McCoy Has A Decision To Make

Colt McCoy’s arm stopped working in the 1st Quarter of the BCS National Title Game.  Now he won’t throw for scouts at the Indy Combine, but he’ll still attend?

Colt McCoy has a decision to make:  Honesty or dishonesty.  I’ve seen words like “alerted” attached to him NOT throwing at the combine.  Does he know something big?

I’m not saying he’s a dishonest person, but his camp isn’t being totally honest.  There’s no way.

The Hit

If you saw the hit that made McCoy’s arm stop working you know that it was less-than-soft.  Nothing really happened, but Texas got sunk in a nanosecond because he couldn’t throw.

He even told a reporter that his arm was “dead” while the game was still going on.  He wanted to go back into the game—by most accounts—but his Dad wouldn’t let him.

Was his Dad setting up this media ploy in the hopes that this thing could be fixed?  Now he has everyone—I know, including me—talking about it.  What happens when this kid has to actually throw in front of “real people”?

Do We Think A “Dead Arm” Can Be Rehabilitated?

Here’s my problem.  I believe that McCoy is working on rehabbing his arm in California with some “arm guru”.  I don’t think he’s lying, but how can a “dead arm” be rehabbed?

If something happened to his shoulder and the doctors are saying there was no “structural damage” then what went wrong in January?

It raises more questions than answers.  Did he pinch a nerve?  Did he dislocate his shoulder and not tell anyone?

No one really knows what happened in the 1st Quarter of that game.  No one will ever know, but it says something when he’ll only throw in a “controlled environment”.  Pro day = a lot easier to do.

Is he afraid that some odd problem with his arm will be found out before he gets drafted high and becomes a millionaire?

I know, I know.  He’ll have to pass a physical before signing his contract, but I don’t think it’s the physical.  I think it’s his throwing motion.

What if he is rehabbed, his arm wasn’t really dead, but something serious happened.  Now he doesn’t look like 4-year starter Colt McCoy.  He just looks like Colt McCoy.  Those are two different guys.

What Is He To Do?

Colt McCoy should appear on every talk show, morning show, and radio show in the universe before the draft.  He should do a media tour like no other.

He can talk about the disappointment of missing out on a title, but what he learned in the process.  He can snow the public with “goodness” and build public sentiment.

Contrary to popular belief; these teams listen to the public.  If Colt builds public support for himself he can EASILY make himself sympathetic enough to raise his draft status.

If Tim Tebow can do a commercial during the Super Bowl then Colt McCoy can go on Oprah and The Today Show.

The “ass-kissing tour” will end with a camera crew following him around the draft on draft day to chronicle his ascent after an injury.  He’ll be more sympathetic than Brady Quinn when he fell to the Browns.

By the end of the day he’ll be announcing his candidacy for President and negotiating his own contract.  He’ll announce to the world that he wants to “one up” Harrison Ford and be an active football-playing-President—Harrison’s President in “Air Force One” only used to play football.

Is This Smart?

It’s freaking genius!  I should get paid to do this!  Who in the hell WOULDN’T fall in love with Colt McCoy after hearing him talk?  He seems like a nice kid.

Plus, he’ll be talking about redemption, recovery, second-chances, and life lessons.  Please, Soccer Moms weep at that crap EVERYDAY!  Grown women would have posters of him in their rooms.

Colt McCoy milks the media the right way and he goes #1 overall because the Rams need ticket sales and a QB.

It’s perfect!

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