Cavilers Get Back Ilgauskas After 30 Day Loop Hole

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Cavilers Get Back Ilgauskas After 30 Day Loop Hole

What does fair have to do with the NBA? A good majority of the fans believe that the NBA is rigged for the four biggest markets.

These are also the people who make outlandish statements; they make remarks like, “I would give it to Jennifer Aniston so hard she wouldn’t even know what day of the week it was!” Yeah right.

I believe that NBA front office plays favorites to try and create the most dramatic and widely viewed playoff and finals format.

Recently the Cleveland Cavilers made a trade that sent center Zydrunas Ilgauskas to the Washington Wizards.

Big Z was waived by the Wiz and now must wait 30 days to re-sign with the Cavs if he chooses.

What do you think about this 30 day rule? Should the NBA be aloud to change the rule during the season? Was this trade set up to help the Cavs?

NBA Version of Layaway

Poor people you can skip the next couple of sentences if you’d like, rich folks pay attention. Let’s say you want to get a pair of pants and a shirt, but you can only afford the pants. So you buy the pants (Antwan Jamison) and put the shirt (Big Z) on layaway, in thirty days you’ll be able to get the shirt to complete the outfit (Cavilers).

The 30 day rule can only benefit you if the player is waived and you want the player back that you traded.

The rule makes no sense; if a team trades a player away they are saying that they do not need that player. Under no circumstance should that player be able to return to its original team during that season.

It’s not as if the Cavs invented this rule for their own benefit. They are taking advantage of the flaw in the system.

Who knows if the deal was step up for Big Z to return to Cleveland? Maybe after the Wizards acquired him they found out that he likes to “bear arms” in the looker room.

Scrap the 3 point Line Too

There has been talk about the NBA barring Ilgauskas from rejoining the Cavs. So let’s toss out the three pointer, baggie shorts, and ban visible tattoos (half the Nuggets roster would play in long sleeve turtle necks).

Its not as if the Cavs are the first team to take advantage of this rule. The same thing has happened with Gary Payton and Antonio McDyess in previous seasons.

The league is trying to distance themselves from the reputation that they are helping certain teams get to the finals. It doesn’t take an Ivey League grad to know that having Lebron James in the finals would help league revenue.

You cannot go ahead and change a rule just because it may give them an unfair advantage. If you want the rule changed then you must take care of this in the off season.

The league has not seemed to care that a hand full of teams has given up on the last two seasons just to have a shot at signing James.

3C Scandal: Cleveland Caviler Conspiracy

First off, all of you NBA Conspiracy theorists are mouth breathing idiots. I can’t count the number of glue sniffing fans who think the NBA is rigged and keep watching it.

Yes this trade was probably set up for the Cavs to get Big Z back on the roster.

There is no way that the league has set this up and no one should be mad if they don’t change the rule mid season. If people want to be mad about something then they should take it out on the “sewer drainage” Wizards.

The fact is the Cavs were mostly likely going to be in the finals with or without Ilgauskas. People will try and tell me that this will clinch a playoff victory over the Orlando Magic. No, what clinched that was trading Turkoglu for “half man, half amazing, always choking in the playoffs” Vince Carter.

Here is what’s going to happen, the Cavs will fold in the finals to the Nuggets or Lakers, then in the off season James will go to New York with Dwayne Wade and all of the basketball conspirators will come out.

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