Burning The Holiday Pounds Without Burning Your Body

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Burning The Holiday Pounds Without Burning Your Body

I always knew it was an excellent idea to take a walk after eating during the holidays.  When I say “eating during the holidays” I am talking about eating more than I usually do because of all the eats and treats involved during holiday celebration. My family faithfully took a walk after each Thanksgiving dinner.  Those walks were pleasurable memories where we’d all be together enjoying the fall colors and misty fog.  The walks eased our guilty conscience of over indulging. 



I came across an excellent idea at a website called Atlantis Fitness. In an article it talks about taking a walk three to five hours after eating foods like eats and treats. But you need to make sure you walk for 30-45 minutes. My family never waited three or five hours after over indulging. We usually went out after we cleaned up the dishes, perhaps and hour afterwards.  Either way, the fact of taking a walk after eating a huge meal can only benefit the body.


The article wasn’t talking about anything major like strutting up a mountain or race walking. Just 3 miles per hour walk at a good pace without stopping unless you are out of breath or have to stop. The cardiovascular activity after indulging in a Thanksgiving meal will start to burn carbohydrates that may be lingering around the body.  Boy, do those carbs like to linger!

The more your burn at your walk, the less chance your body will store the fat. If you already work out on a regularly basis, then a walk will truly benefit your body and burn the extra calories naturally. If you don’t work out on a regular basis, then you will still burn calories, but not as effectively as a person who works out regularly (three times a week minimum). Keep in mind when you go on your 3 mile an hour walk, not everyone can walk within the above time frame, but even the next day on an empty stomach might do the trick.


Who knows, while you walk with your friends or family you might encourage them to start a routine of walking three times a week for 30-45 minutes at 3 miles per hour.  What a wonderful way to start the holiday season, giving your friends or family a healthier lifestyle.


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