Boost Your Immune System

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Boost Your Immune System

immuneBoosting the immune system is so important in today’s world not enough can be said to taking these steps to boost your immune system to improve your body’s ability to fight disease.

Medicinal Herbs, Spices and Cancer Fighting Foods help supplement the body’s immune system. Follow these three rules to build up your immune system.

1 – Commit to learning the use of medicinal plants from a traditional outlook.

2 – Take garlic because it is the powerful health enhancer.

3 – Drink green tea and black tea because they contain antioxidants, bioflavonoids, tannins and indoles, all have proven to fight cancer.

Exercise improves oxygen supply to the organs and stimulates the circulation. By staying active and walking energetically for half an hour each day of the week will help build your immune system. Follow these three steps to enhance your immune system.

Warning: There is such a thing as too much exercise. Too much exercise can lower your body’s immune system.

1 – Start exercising if you don’t exercise now.

2 – Walk four times a week or if you are in better shape jog four times a week for at least 30 minutes.

3 – Live longer by moderate exercise, which benefits the body’s heart function, circulation and respiration.

Stress Reduction

Warning: Science has proven that stress lowers the immune system causing stress related conditions on the body.

1 – Find ways to reduce stress in your life.

2 – Stop reading the newspaper, watching and listening to the news.

3 – Find natural ways to handle stress.

4 – Avoid taking medicine to handle your stress-it only masks the symptoms-doesn’t solve the cause.

Beliefs and Attitudes That Heal

1 – Take up spiritual guidance that is true for you.

2 – Find ways to improve your attitude toward life-find better friends, take up a new sport or volunteer for an uplifting cause.

3 – Read Dianetics: The Modern Science to Mental Health — learn about the mind.

Intimacy and Relationships

Married people are likely to have stronger immune systems than the unmarried people are. Happily married people have hearty immune systems than unhappily married people.

1 – Seek out a lasting, healthy relationship.

2 – Maintain a lasting, healthy relationship.

3 – Get active-don’t be isolated from others.

Live a Life Out of Harm’s Way

Warning: Three alcoholic drinks a day increase the risk of stroke, high blood pressure, and cancer of the moth, esophagus, liver and breast.

1 – Don’t take drugs.

2 – Drink alcohol in moderation.

3 – Don’t smoke tobacco.

Be Productive in All Walks of Life

1 – Work hard and play hard-work is good but take the time to play too.

2 – Find the time to go “release”-do something that makes you feel good-go shopping, go to a movie you want to see, paint, draw and so forth.

3 – Make the time to get plenty of sleep.

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