Bodybuilding with Indoor Plants

Bodybuilders love to breathe fresh air; it helps them maintain energy and a healthy glow. A two-year study conducted by NASA proves that houseplants clean up to 87% of the air pollutants in the air of an average home. Just as nature intended, plants in the home can filter the air that we breathe. Plants can take any stale indoor room, purify it, and renew it. The plants filter out the toxins, pollutants and carbon dioxide. That is very important to any person, like a bodybuilder, who wants to live a healthier life. 

The idea of using indoor plants as natural air filters means knowing what plants are most efficient at removing toxins from the air.  Such plants include Chinese Evergreen, Spider Plants, Golden Pothos, Ficus, Gerbera Daisy, Peace Lily, English ivy and Dracaena. 

Each plant filters about 100 square feet in an enclosed room. Of course, the larger the plant the more vigorous it works to filter the air. And, all you need to do is imagine which air filtering plant looks best in your selected areas.  

To do this, start by noticing the color of each area you need plants. Then, decide what color the containers for each plant should be – it’s very important to blend the containers to the interior, so they don’t stand out and be noticed. Take into consideration the lighting of each room as well, so when you go to the nursery to purchase your plants, you need to discuss with the staff what type of lighting is best for each plant. 

Indoor plants stay in plain, plastic planters and are placed inside the containers.  The nursery staff can show you how this is done. But it’s an easy process and whenever you have to change one plant to another container it’s simple. 

Soil of the indoor plant is an important part of the process of filtering the air.  The fresher the soil the better the plant can filter the air. Ask the nursery staff how long the plant has been in the same container. That should give you a good idea how old the soil is in relation to how effective the plant will filter your indoor air.  For the record, it’s best to change the plant’s soil every 6 months. 

Once you have your indoor plants home with you, place each plant in their respective areas.  Notice the improvement in the air quality as well as the overall space of the home. Now, take a deep breath and breathe the fresh air indoors. 

You might like this so much that you’ll ask the manager at the gym to bring plants into the weight room.

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