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Monday starts week 4 of Phase one of my off season bulker. I started out very basic and simple and just ran some test and dbol. I decided to go with Syntrop Sus450 and Axio Suspension along with Axio dbol 50mg pills. It was a last minute change to throw some dbol in.

Axio makes a really good dbol, which definitely helps to kick start things in the beginning of any bulking cycle, since injections usually take a good 10-14 days to get into your system. With the addition of a good quality oral like dbol you get noticeable size and strength gains within days of usage.

sus450 .5cc MWF
suspension .5cc 5 days a week
dbol 50mg 1 pill/day first thing in the morning with morning shake

This is my fourth and final week running these compounds and I was very impressed with them. This stack works very well for an all out bulk. The quality of Axio/syntrop has always been good, but I must say this year they have stepped it up a notch. I have been cycling for many years and have tried many different brands and makers of AAS and I must honestly say Axio/syntrop is the best by far.

The gains that I have made in the past few weeks have been next to amazing. I gained 20lbs in two weeks and with a dramactic increase in size, strength, libido, and just a general overall sense of well-being. I would have to say for an overall bulk I would definitely go with Syntrop sus450/Axio deca300/Axio dbol for sheer size/mass and strength, along with some major water retention — you will balloon up, no doubt. As far as building muscle goes, I’m a lot more impressed when Tren is incorporated into my cycles.

I not only look bigger with Tren cycles, but I also look better. After meeting with my trainer this weekend, we are definitely on the same page, which is cool. It’s a lot easier following advice that you agree with. After this week I will begin a new cycle, with new compounds and new dosages. I will be running test/deca/tren and stick with dbol for another 3 weeks. Tren, my all time favorite compound — oh how I miss you! I cant wait

My diet will pretty much stay the same consisting of 5 solid meals throughout the day, 4 clean ones and one cheat meal. I will need to up my calorie intake since most of my meals will be clean. I will be having one more weight gainer shake during the day for a total of three weight gainer shakes (one in the morning upon waking; one midday around 2pm; and one before going to bed). We’ll see how this goes for 4-5 weeks and maybe add in another solid meal. Protein sources remain the same: turkey, beef, chicken, eggs. Carbohydrate sources include rice, potatoes, oats, pastas. Broccoli and spinach make up my greens.

The icing on the cake will be Syntrom gh, which I will continue to run. Starting this week I will bump my dosage up to 10 iu per day. I started using Syntrom gh about a year ago and it has made a huge difference in my physique. When I take gh with my cycles, the quality of muscle that I gain increases by 25% atleast and it allows me to stay a lot leaner and maintain a lower body fat percentage, while eating a diet high and rich in protein calories and carbs. It’s a big help

My training split will look like this
Monday- quads/calves
Tuesday-chest one exercise for triceps
Wednesday-back one exercise for bis
Thursday-hams finish with one mass builder for quads/calves

My training principle will be heavy, heavy weights for high volume 10-15 sets.

Stay tuned for my next update.

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