Bill, Millard, And Anthony Roberts, Where I Stand!

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Bill, Millard, And Anthony Roberts, Where I Stand!

I happen to know first hand that Anthony Roberts and Bill Llewellyn don’t see eye to eye, and that is fine.

I know this because I happen to be friends with AR,  though I have to admit he has never bashed Bill openly to me, other then a few points on why he is not good for the community.

Now as for Bill and his wife, they spend a good amount of time bashing AR, anytime his name comes up , they unload.

Now normally this would bother me but it seems to wreck havoc over their lives , so I do feel bad. Not saying they are bad people, by no means, just saying it is not healthy to spend so much time on another person they dislike.

So I have always tried to say out of this argument, well mainly because it is between Bill ( and his wife ) and AR, and even when I was spoken to poorly on BOS by Bill’s wife , just because I mentioned AR’s name, I stayed out of it. Now I did notice quite a few threads dedicated to bashing AR, and yet Millard has the balls to say AR is out to get Bill.

Millard, you are well respected , and I do appreciate most of the work you do, but if you can count my friend , then you can count how many responses The Llewellyns have dedicated to smearing the name of AR. Where I stand I would call it even because I don’t know all the details on how it all started, but anyone with common sense can see that Bill has expended much more energy trying to hurt AR then the inverse, and anyone that doesn’t believe me just sign on to BOS (well as long as they haven’t erased them all to make it look like they are the victims ).

Now, my point isn’t to attack Bill or his wife, I still feel that is between Bill and AR. My issue is why does Millard feel the need to jump in now? I would have to say that if his motives were good and pure , I still would not be entering this argument, but when it seems the only basis is for monetary reasons, and it makes me sick.

This is the very core of what is wrong with this community, people only working for themselves, not the greater good of the community.

So we have Millard attacking AR for his own pocket’s sake, but look at why I have stepped in. Because I feel friends are more important then money, and believe this wasn’t his place to interject.

I really have nothing to gain, I am attacking one of the most popular bloggers within this community, I actually might lose some readers because they disagree with my view, but someone needs to stand up and call this for what it is , Bullshit!!!!!!!! So my intentions are very pure and represent what little honor this community has left.

I am here to stand behind a friend , regardless the cost, I am here to stand up for the community to say this has to stop for us to better the arena with are part of. I am here for the members , no one else.

The time we spend on petty and untrue arguments is time we could have used to help someone.

AR’s real name is Anthony Connors ( as this has been plastered all over the walls on BOS) but how is that relevant to his advice or his writings.

He has a degree in English ( I believe ) but why is that needed info, when the majority of  the so called experts on most boards barely have their GED (experience is the best teacher, ask most doctors about AAS and they will know very little about our application of steroids ). So many more facts were displayed on a page about why AR is a fraud, most having little to no relevance to the matter at hand.

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

AR at least tries to call the scammers and con artists on there wrong doings, this is to benefit the community ( to be honest he gains nothing financially ), and yet most who swear it is all BS, can only try to smear AR, instead of just proving him wrong.

The reason being is, they did what they were accused of and would rather detour the blame then be a man.

Millard , the funny thing is that I happen to have a good deal of respect for most of the things you do and write about, but personal attacks only shows what seems to matters the most.

It is the argument that involves Bill and AR, and unless you feel Bill is incapable of handling this matter, then stay out, and in return I will do the same like I am SUPPOSE to.

I am not trying to say I know more then either Bill or Millard, or even that I am more capable , because I am new to the blog world and know my place.

I am saying that I have a very good idea on how to make the community better, and it is not on profiting from others that rely  on me to help them find the truth.

It can only be done when we put  the greater good of the community before our  own. I have a real job, I don’t need to profit from this industry.

I am here for the members , to help protect them from the terrible elements that linger within our walls.

I just hope that people understand where I am coming from, not to hurt Millard or Bill (most likely couldn’t if I tried ) but to ask for help to fix the problems we have.

instead of wasting energy with all these internal wars.

Just as a side note , even with all this said, I would still back Bill over Alin any day. I believe what Bill was attempting with the new book is a great idea, but only if done with complete objectivity and  only if the author has nothing to gain ( meaning no affiliation to any company or brand name ). So it would need to be done by committee, with several members involved, with cross analysis by each member of this committee.

Only then would it seem unbiased ( just my opinion ).

Thank you for reading my blog, I do appreciate every single e-mail and comment left by all. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at [email protected] .

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