Arsenal Under Fire: Is Aaron Ramsey Just Another Coincidence?

In just under four years, Arsenal have had to deal with three of their key players suffering from broken legs due to aggressive challenges from other teams.

How can that just be coincidence? Even after the Eduardo tragedy (in which he returned to play football, and he was better after breaking his legs somehow), people still thought of Arsenal’s injury record as nothing more than bad luck.

But no other club has suffered as many injuries as them.

There’s a huge amount of different arguments for this, but regardless, all three incidents, in my eyes, have been overly aggressive during each ‘accident’.

Now, you might think I’m being biased towards Arsenal because I support them – nothing of the sort, I support Chelsea. But it’s clear that people clearly don’t like Arsenal.

Ryan Shawcross, through the tears and attention he got from people, got off with a three-game ban. A THREE GAME BAN. Does that really qualify as adequate punishment for a guy who has just potentially put a player out for life?

And then you remember all the incidents when Arsenal were accused of dirty play, that the media played it up, and things were blown out of proportion?

For example, Eduardo’s dive against Celtic, which did manage to get them a penalty, but the FA managed to get away with banning Eduardo for a good number of games, just for a dive.

Samir Nasri‘s stomp is another incident. He stomped a player from Hull City so lightly that it couldn’t have hurt a mouse, but yet he was branded a ‘savage’.

Fair? Far from it. Arsenal will have to face these kinds of injustices regularly, because it just seems that it’s ‘The Premiership vs Arsenal’.

But as much as they suffer, noone can be suffering more than Aaron Ramsey himself.

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