Anti-Aging Treatments with Peptides

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Anti-Aging Treatments with Peptides

Have you taken a serious look at the faces of Hollywood? Do you notice any signs of aging? Me neither, and with good reason. Botox, cosmetic surgery and plastic implants for sure do their job, but if you think these expensive treatments are the only way to get that “eternal youth elixir,” you may be mistaken!

Instead of “surgeon’s knives,” top medical doctors are administering little doses of peptides (human growth hormones, hgh fragments, sermorelin, igf1 lr3, melanotin, etc.), that are easy to manage and yield results with relatively low side effects. Not so long time ago, these compounds were reserved to a small group of elite, wealthy people who could afford extremely expensive treatments in exclusive private clinics, but times are changing.

The most widely used peptide treatment is human growth hormone, a hormone being secreted by the pituitary gland in the brain. It is medically believed to enhance tissue growth as it stimulates protein formation. There are also many other peptide treatments that are effective and nearly equal to HGH that increase or induce greater production of HGH by within your body.

The Benefits of Peptide Treatments

Peptides anti-aging benefits stem from their ability of stimulate collagen,which is responsible for maintaining the texture and elasticity of our skin. Our skin’s collagen becomes damaged by aging, sun exposure and other environmental irritants. The addition of peptides help the skin produce more collagen, which offsets the signs of aging on the skin.

Peptide treatments are aimed at reducing the risk of developing various age related “glitches!”

Major benefits of a valid peptide treatment for anti-aging purposes are:

  • increases immune functions; reverses aging changes in skin and hair (this is very appreciated by women as these kind of tissues are most damaged by age and are in a better view than others — how many times have you “guessed” people age because of their skin?)
  • improves mood — your loved ones will thank you; improves sleep patterns
  • improves cardiac function and cholesterol profile
  • increases bone density
  • improves sexual performance.

Maybe you say: “Hey look! Only benefits…why has nobody mentioned this to me before? What’s the catch?”  Obviously, misuse of these treatments can lead to side effects, but as a wise person once said to me: “even aspirin has side effects” when abused or taken improperly.

Some of the side effects reported with anti-aging peptide treatments include joint swelling, carpal tunnel syndrome, and increased risk of diabetes. But if we focus our attention on the anti-aging effects of these peptide treatments, it is very important to say that it will not be necessary to use extreme doses or bodybuilding pros cycles.

We have to focus on not only the administration of low doses for maximum results, but also maintaining a healthy diet and following a lifestyle that includes exercise. I can’t stress this enough. You can hold a real eternal youth elixir right in your hands, but if you don’t know how to use it and how to combine it with an overall healthy lifestyle, you won’t reap its true benefits.

Are Peptides for Everyone?

Due to globalization and wide diffusion of chemical synthesis, these compounds are becoming more affordable and more readily available to the general public. But just because these products are available doesn’t mean consumers should use them without the supervision of a doctor.  It is strongly recommended to obtain a medical opinion and have support during treatment, especially to avoid minor side effects which can be often handled with small adjustments in therapy.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there. It seems that everybody has a different opinion on administration and storage. Every different peptide has its own shelf life and effect, but almost all peptides come in a glass sealed vial, with a freeze-dried or lyophilized powder at the bottom.

To become injectable, you have to reconstitute it with sterile water. But, in one week, one day, or one hour, your eternal youth elixir will come back to its normal solution and be ready for use.

Only the manufacturer can give you the right storage information of the peptide, and only your doctor can give you the administration that is right for you.

The Controversy

You may find that there are doctors that don’t support this type of treatment, but there are plenty medical professionals that have done the medical research and understand the benefits of peptide treatments.

You can also go on the Web and find hundreds of different opinions on the subject. There will be plenty of forums with someone saying they overheard a guy at a  gym saying they know someone who has tried the best product; or someone knows a pro dispensing high-quality advice. Another person has a friend who has used “something similar” and can give you a good advice. The Web is full of information like this, but this is your body and your health. Are you sure you want to follow advice that you read on some message board?

Obviously, I don’t support or encourage the “self made” treatments – and there are plenty out there — and I encourage you to talk to you doctor, as well as check your local laws before you consider peptide treatments for anti-aging.

It may not be necessary for you to “go under the knife” to find your desired fountain of youth. It’s great to know that there non-surgical options out there to consider.

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