A Guide To The World Cup 2010: Group B & C

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A Guide To The World Cup 2010: Group B & C

Groups B & C are looking fairly one-sided at a glance – Argentina looks set to dominate Group B, whilst England is prepared to annihilate all competition in Group C. Despite this, nothing is set in stone, and there is still everything to play for.

Group B


Current World Ranking: 8

You can’t deny that Argentina’s team is looking particularly powerful – with 2009 Ballor d’Or winner Lionel Messi attacking, alongside Atletico Madrid‘s Sergio Aguero and Angel di Maria of Benfica.

Historically, Argentina have been very big players in the world cup – twice they were winners of the world cup itself, and the only time they failed to qualify was the World Cup 1970.

However, Argentina’s defence is looking weak this time round, and Maradona’s complete and utter lack of skill as manager is only dragging the team down.


Current World Ranking: 22

In comparison to Nigeria’s earlier days, the line-up looks seemingly amazing.

Everton defender Joseph Yobo, Chelsea midfielder Jon Obi Mikel, and striker Martins seem to elevate Nigeria’s status in the football world.

Despite this, their team is still not enough to be considered a threat by many teams, and they are expected not to get any further than round 2, and the football world will be shocked should they proceed further than this.

South Korea

Current World Ranking: 52

South Korea are thought of as to be the weakest side of this World Cup.

However, previously, during the 2002 World Cup they did manage to place forth, beating powerhouses Spain, Portugal and Italy on their journey there.

These victories, however, are often considered to be an example of luck in action, and South Korea are not expected to repeat such a performance.

Even with star player, Manchester United‘s Park Ji-Sung, South Korea has many flaws on other parts of the field.


Current World Ranking: 12

The current Greek team is fairly uneventful – the team as a whole works, but put simply, they just aren’t good enough to compete with the likes of Portugal and Spain.

With no real star players, it seems pretty unlikely that they will spontaneously excel, but having previously won Euro 2004, anything can happen.

Group C


Current World Ranking: 9

Without a single win since 1966, England look ripe to win this time round. With a team often noted to be the ‘best of the best’ for a long time, people have often wondered why the side doesn’t excel.

Much emphasis is being put on new manager, Fabio Capello, and he seems to be capable of managing the team.

With players like Beckham, Gerrard, Lampard and key striker, Rooney on the field for them this time round, they look to pose a dire threat to the competition.


Current World Ranking: 26

Algeria are playing in their first world cup for 24 years since they last left Mexico 86, defeated in the first round.

Strangely enough, they have been blessed with two good players, Mr. Multi-Role Karmi Ziani, and excellent goal keeper Faouzi Chaouchi.

They play very much like your standard European team, and are predicted to get to the second round.

United States

Current World Ranking: 14

Look who’s up and coming!

The US have been in 5 world cups previous to South Africa, and predictions are saying that they are expected to get through to the knockout rounds now.

The line up is looking pretty healthy – Fulham midfielder Clint Dempsey, Everton’s keeper Tim Howard, and star strike Landon Donovan of LA Galaxy fame.

Aside from this, the line-up given included 43 players, suggesting that consistency is going to a be a problem here.


Current World Ranking: 33

Slovenia is a bag of surprises. Gaining entrance by defeating Guus Hiddink‘s organized Russian team, they are looking surprisingly dangerous.

However, with no real star players, and a manager lacking in experience, it looks like they lack the class and organization needed to defeat stronger sides like England.

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