A Concept That Is Beyond Me , To Much Test

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A Concept That Is Beyond Me , To Much Test

I got into a discussion with several people over 3 different forums, and it all started with a post in which someone was talking about his Test dose of 1500 mgs. Now I understand that there are people out that don’t react to test, so more must be administered, but that is only 1 % of the cases.

The rest are either Bodybuilders , or are exceptionally impatient, I know I said this before but it is very true; Less is ALWAYS more when it comes to Anabolic Steroids.

It all starts with your first cycle, I try to recommend lower doses I like 250-400 mgs of  Testosterone, hoping that they would be more likely to do 250 mgs a week.

There are several reasons why, but I will keep to the basics.

First and most importantly, you won’t ever end up using 1500 mgs a week, this is great for health reasons and for monetary reasons.

Next gains will be easier to achieve, and easier to maintain.

What most of these over zealous rookies don’t understand is your body can only maintain so much , so when you put on 40 pounds in a cycle , it is very unlikely to retain that.

That’s why I stress that Steroids are not a quick fix, so don’t treat them as such, because it will only cause injury and disappointment.

The second cycle, this where most raise there Test dose because they want to continue gaining, but I say that isn’t needed.

With your second cycle normally comes the addition of another compound, I suggest EQ, Deca, Masteron, Primobolan, or NPP. Adding anyone of these will increase your gains, some want to go for Tren or Anadrol , these are very toxic and not meant for a novice.

I also suggest that if an oral is to be used , go with a mild oral and a minimal dose,  This allows for more gains later for less.  As you can see all these little steps allow for growth later, what is the point of jacking up your mgs when you will lose half the gains anyway.

Grow steadily, it is safer , and it is more practical.

So when do you raise your Test dosage, and how do I continue to gain if I don’t? The answer is, only when needed, I find rotating which type of ester helps, using  Cyp, and then Prop, and then a nice blend.  So the only time I raise my Test is when I plateau off for more then 3 weeks , and I only increase it slightly, say 50-100 mgs.  The way to keep gaining without the need to raise the Test is simple, quality Stacks.

Adding other compounds will allow growth, the stack will depend on your goals, currently I am trying to lean out, so a Test Prop, Primobolan, and Tren Acetate has worked well and after 8 weeks I drop the Tren and add NPP.  all while all my doses for each is kept low. Prop and Tren I am at 100mgs EOD, and Primo is 600mgs  per week , which is ok because Primo is one of the most mild steroids, so no real side effects are seen at this dose.

This is after 13 + cycles under my belt.

The point is don’t be in a rush, there is no benefit from rushing.

I don’t use AAS to look good for a few months, I do it to look good for the rest of my life.

So remember the long term when you decide to use AAS, and remember you only have one life, there are no do overs , so get it right and be safe.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at [email protected] .  A friend of mine’s signature states ”If you wake up in the morning it is already a great day” or something like that.

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