9 Key Rules To Get Ripped: Part 1 of 3

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9 Key Rules To Get Ripped: Part 1 of 3

How do you guys feel when you look in the mirror in the morning? Good? I doubt it. It seems to me at least that I’m never truly satisfied with my own physiques. I always have an insane craving to get stronger, get bigger, get faster.

Sometimes I just think, ‘ you know what, screw this, I’m gonna get huge.’ This mentality usually only lasts me maybe a week or two. It’s too difficult trying to be perfect; I always try to run up the river, and as soon as I run out of steam, I get washed away. Sometimes you just need to take small steps. Because, we don’t realize just how hard, and how long and tedious the path to getting ripped is.

But as long, and as tedious as getting ripped is, the reward is well worth the effort you input. Don’t rush these rules; don’t try to be perfect all the time, because you’ll just get washed away with the currents. But, I do hope you follow the guidance of these 9 key rules.

To begin –

1. Focus On Muscle

Let’s begin by bringing the world of bodybuilding back to the core basics. More muscle equates to more calories burnt. More calories burnt means more reward for equal effort. The more muscle you have will ultimately increase your metabolism, which, if you listened in Biology classes as a teen, you’d know that means you burn fat faster. And we all know how sometimes, even the greatest of muscles can be hidden by an annoying plate of fat.

And you can say, well I’m skinny so I don’t really need to burn fat…Don’t be stupid. Muscle will make you look more defined obviously, so either way, it’s a fantastic win-win situation.

So the real message behind this rule is, remember you number 1 goal is: Focus on Muscle.

2. Correct Technique Means Everything

Regardless of what ever exercise, what ever work out you are doing, you need to remember that correct technique is absolutely essential.

This is for a wide variety of reasons, the first being it basically makes your injury rate a lot, lot lower. Also, it allows you to lift a lot more weight than you’d otherwise be able to.

Even if you do an amazing work out, but use incorrect form, you get virtually no benefit from it. You haven’t trained the muscles that you’d of wanted to, and even worse, this might lead to an unsymmetrical body. You ever seen a guy with one big arm and one small one? It’s repulsive.

3. Supplements Do What They Say

Have you ever stopped and considered what a supplement actually is? It does exactly what it says, it SUPPLEMENTS you.

Countless times have I seen foolish guys actually believing that simply by consuming supplements they are going to huge and muscular. No. I don’t want you to start off like this.

Make sure you don’t depend on supplements for all your protein and carbs, remember that they are only created for convenience. Natural nutrients are a lot better for you.


That is part one of three concluded, look out for part two coming soon.

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