6 Sex Enemies

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6 Sex Enemies

woman man badNo matter if you’re a bodybuilder or you’ve never lifted weights, sex plays an important role in your life. A happy, regular sex life is what everyone would want to have. But there are several factors which have negative effect on our intimate life. Symbolically we can call them the “sex enemies“. If we want to fight our enemy, we need to identify it first. So, let’s do this.

Alcohol and Erection Problems

There is a whole sea of beer-loving men suffering from impotence. Scientists reached this sad conclusion after conducting various serious studies. Apparently, women married to drunkards are the most sexually unsatisfied ladies.

Married ladies simply completely lose interest in the sex games and can not stand having sex with the half-drunk husband. Moreover, many of those wives can not reach orgasm or even feel full discomfort during the sexual intercourse. Husbands, who have problems with erection due to excessive alcohol consumption, are physically incapable to arouse the woman to the point of orgasm. Thus, the accumulated unused sexual energy of those women eventually transforms into sudden neuroses and breakdowns.

Tobacco and Impotence

Everybody knows that tobacco causes spasms in blood vessels and partially block the blood flow at the key moment to the key organ (the symbol of the male power and pride). Yet, at the key moment the “thing” hangs flat. 87% of men suffering from impotence are heavy smokers. This is a scientific fact.

Coffee and Premature Ejaculation

Third place goes to coffee. Excessive passion to this drink leads to blood vessel constrictions and, furthermore, to premature ejaculation.

Medications and Weakened Erection

Medications treat one issue, but may relax the “tool”. Men with hypertension or diabetes should be particularly careful with the dosage of the drugs prescribed to them. This group of drugs can essentially weaken erection.

The major libido-lowering factor for women is depressed state, which eventually leads to excessive consumption of relaxants.

Mechanical Attitude to Sex

If a man continuously sees sex as a type of sport (i.e. strictly physical action), then eventually he may reach a moment when he will simply not want it.


The worst part of obesity hides in the fact that it creeps up slowly and unnoticeably. The more fat deposits on the body – the more energy is spent on carrying them around. It takes more energy to walk up the stairs, to go to the corner store, to do domestic chores, to work, etc. Shortness of breath is one of the first companions of obesity. The extra weight will have effect on the “bed games” as well. Where would a man get enough energy at night if he had to carry around the belly-tire for the whole day?

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