Why Bodybuilders Need More Water

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Why Bodybuilders Need More Water

waterAbout 70% of the Earth is covered with water, the same percentage of it is contained in the human body. Water is essential for metabolic processes including protein synthesis. This is so simple, but at the same time very important for bodybuilders to drink more water. Do it for your body, and this will only help you gain muscle mass faster and more effective. And below you will see, why.

Your Body Doesn’t Consume Enough Water

Although coke and coffee are also liquid, they won’t do, as caffeine contained in both beverages act as diuretic, that is, make your body lose water. When this happens, your body starts storing water. The average grown-up needs 6 to 8 cups of water daily. And if you work out in the gym intensively on a regular basis, you need even more water. You would need on average from half gallon to gallon water.

Water Removes Toxins from Body

Water is essential, if you are on a diet with high protein content. It helps remove excess nitrogen, urea (a toxic substance) and ketones from the body. If you eat a lot to gain mass, you also need plenty of water – this helps the kidneys function. Drink water to remove toxins from your body.

Water Reduces Water Retention

It sounds weird, but this is a fact. Drinking water may really help you get rid of excess “water” body weight. When you receive too little water, your body notices the lack of water and starts storing it. This water is stored in extracellular areas of your body. In other words, your skin looks loose and swollen.

Water Helps Burn Fat

When your body doesn’t consume enough water, your kidneys can’t function properly. And when this is the case, a large amount of what you consume gets to your liver. Your liver burns the stored fat into energy. But when the liver functions for both itself and kidneys, it burns less fat. In addition, water suppresses appetite.

Water Helps Those Consuming Too Much Salt

If water retention is the problem, then this may be due to excess salt consumed. The more salt, the more your body tries to keep water in order to reduce the salt concentration. Either reduce the salt consumption or drink more water.

Water Keeps Bodybuilders in Form

If your body gets too little water from outside, it takes it away from other organs, such as bowels. When this is the case, one suffers from constipation. Besides, water lets you digest food better. This is especially true, if you consume more than 4000 calories a day.

Water Increases the Effect of Food Additives

Food additives, such as creatine, have their effect partly because they keep the water in the muscle cells, which creates perfect conditions for the protein synthesis, which is necessary for the growth. In order for this to function properly, you need plenty of water. Besides, if you work out in the gym intensively, you need certain vitamins. Many vitamins perform their function only dissolved in water, this is why you need to drink enough water.

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