Where Would We Be Without The Factless Stigma Behind Steroids?

I like to daydream from time to time and with the fact I spent the last week miserable, trying to move into my new condo, so daydreaming was a great idea.  So I thought well what if I convince the rest of the World that steroids are more beneficial then dangerous.  It lead me to a few terrible thoughts, first being that every bandwagon jumping jackass would start blogging how they were behind the movement all along, and I would get lost in a sea of steroid bloggers.

This wouldn’t bother me if the information was correct and safe, but with issues like this, there would be a overload of extremist, the ones who think more mgs is always better.  This is the exact reason why I write this blog, though I do feel steroids should be legal, more importantly I think steroids should be taken safely.  As much as I can’t stand opposers who are fact less and clueless, I think I resent the abusers of steroids even more.  They are the reason people like myself and many others, get such a bad rap even though we help way more then we hurt.  So my daydream lead me to a world of legal steroids and higher quality injectables, which made me ask myself what would I have to write about then?

I’m guessing not much, but that is ok with me, because it means safer practices have won the day, and I am no longer needed.  My ego may take a hit, a minimal one at that, but I do not desire fame or notoriety, nope not interested ( it is why I don’t use my real name, not for fear of law enforcement but for no desire to become famous).  No my wish is for the improvement and more wide spread education of are recreationally used steroids.  My love for steroids, I believe, is pure.  So with this I take my leave for the day and promise I have quite a line-up for this blog over the next month, so hold on tight and cme for the ride.  Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] and have a good night.

Dr. Steroids

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